It is expected that each student will be given some form of introduction to their particular industry workplace on arrival and prior to the work placement commencing.

The checklist below may be of assistance in this process.

The activities undertaken by the organisation

The management structure

Work behaviour requirements and expectations

Dress requirements and expectations, including provision of tools and equipment

Occupational Health/Safety requirements applicable to the job and the workplace

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) required to be worn

Location of First Aid resources and First Aid Officer if applicable

Location of fire fighting equipment and alarms

Procedure in case of accident or emergency (include emergency evacuation point)

Location of facilities (eg toilets, change rooms, exits and security)

Whom to notify in the event of non-attendance due to illness or misadventure

Introduction and brief description of the roles of employees the student will be working with

Whom to talk to in the event of problems occurring

Identify immediate supervisor

Requirements for reporting accidents or near misses

Identification requirements if applicable (a name badge is available if required)

Discuss proposed schedule of training

Hours of work, start, finish, lunch and breaks

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