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The World's First Micro PLC with the Power of a PAC

IDEC brought some of the first micro-Programmable Logic Controllers to the market, and has been meeting your changing control automation needs for decades. Our next generation MicroSmart FC6A , a powerful micro PLC with the features of a PAC (programmable automation controller) in a low-cost and small form factor, making it an ideal fit for demanding applications.

The FL1F SmartRelay Enhances Performance and Easy Control

IDEC SmartRelays are in everything from lighting controls to ice-making machines and grocery store misters when IDEC first introduced FL1 SmartRelay series in 2001. Proving reliable time after time, these intelligent logic modules are the ideal controller for simple automation tasks. A new sixth-generation of SmartRelays offer functions to give you even more flexibility and convenience. Advances include extended memory, a brighter display with higher LCD contrast, improved analog and high-speed inputs, an external text display, and upgraded programming software.

The FT1A SmartAXIS Controller Combines PLC+HMI at Your Fingertips

The newest family of controllers, from the industry's original manufacturer of micro PLCs, FT1A SmartAXIS controllers deliver affordability without compromise! With superior features and functions built in, design engineers can now enjoy more versatility and more choices for their automation needs than ever before.

These simple, powerful controllers deliver an exceptional value, giving you the most bang for your buck! FT1A controllers are available with 12, 24, 40 or 48 I/O, while a 3.8-inch HMI + PLC is also available with sophisticated features and a super-bright LCD screen. Whatever your application requires, the FT1A SmartAXIS family has a solution!

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