Hello all aspiring Work Trippers
(and parents and grandparent of Work Trippers)
June 17-21

I'm really looking forward to the 2019 Work Trip. Flint is a place in the U.S. that is worthy and needful of a Work Trip. The kind of place that has the sort of endemic poverty and societal decay that people fly to foreign countries to encounter. (Of course we could find pockets like this in Chicago as well, just up the road in fact, but taking a road trip is so fun!)

Having a trustworthy partner for the Work Trip in The Firestone Center will help ensure that this will be a safe and fun trip. We will be taking our own water and will be guided by people that know the communities of Flint very well.

Next Wednesday I'm submitting our final number to Firestone Center where we will be staying. Firestone is also the organization that will be organizing the work that we do in Flint. It's a one stop shop Catholic Mission Center for the city of Flint. The Firestone Center is located across the street from the University of Michigan Flint.

Firestone Center in their own words
The Firestone Center offers a full service mission program, connecting students, families, and researchers to volunteerism and influential members of the community, while also providing food, lodging and custom programming. Guests will make an impact by mentoring students in inner city schools, providing services to the structurally unemployed, revitalizing neighborhoods and building and repairing housing.

Make your $150 deposit for the Work Trip click HERE

The total cost of the trip is $350, the deposit will go towards the total.

If you'd rather make deposit by check or cash send the check to:
The Community Church
PO Box 26
Lake Bluff, IL

Work Trip List
Avina Burns
Dylan Burns
Charlotte Yehle
Thomas Swartout
Kristen Weisberg A
Sloane Weisberg
Owen Bauder
Claire Yehle
Kaylie Gottshall
Ellie Duchow
Tate Lundy A
Samuel Lundy
Zach Hancock  A
Dave Burns A
Lillian Rohrbach

There is room to add a few more people if you have friends, brothers, sisters who want to be on the trip with us. Let Zach know. If your son or daughter is already on the trip list, please confirm with me their confirmation on or before May 1st to help our planning and reservation process.

Please don't hesitate to contact Zach with any questions about the trip.
Feel free to call/text/email:
m 970.347.7457 e zach@thecommunitychurch.us