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Kids invited to envision their futures for
Take Your Child to Work Day 2019
Save the date for take your child to work day on April 25 sponsored by the WorkLife Office
Thursday, April 25, 2019 is Take Your Child to Work Day. We invite all MSU staff, faculty, and administrators to bring a child in their lives (child, neighbor, niece, nephew, grandchild etc.) to envision their futures, and to explore the variety of careers MSU offers.
Children and teens, ages 8-16, are invited to explore careers in the following ways (and these are just a few!) 

Perspective Taking:
Multiple Paths to Understanding
graph showing how perspective taking loops through doing and reflection while also impacting your interpersonal understanding and how the other parties feel
Through a cycle of taking the other's perspective, "doing" or responding based on that perspective, and reflecting on the whole process, we can come to a less conflictual and more constructive path forward. The March 21 follow-up workshop, "Perspective Taking: Multiple Paths to Understanding" focused on various paths through which we can understand this idea.

The Joy of Cycling
bikes outside of the MSU bike store
Did you know that an hour worth of cycling can add an extra hour on to your life? Or that 77 percent of people experience, on a regular basis, physical symptoms due to stress? Here at the WorkLife Office, we believe that an integral part of achieving a less stressful, cohesive work life balance is self-care. Learn about the MSU bike sale happening soon!
Planning for Summer Camp
boy with a cape and super hero pose
By Jaimie Hutchison

April is the month that many summer camp listings come out. Trust me, you want to do your research early in order to secure the camps your kiddos are interested in.
Key questions and process for making decisions on employee requests for flexibility, leave or similar considerations
people with cutouts of lightbulb arrow chess piece and bullet to show decision making
By Barbara Roberts

As leaders it can be challenging to make fair decisions about different employees' individual work-life circumstances. Often, we find ourselves in an uncomfortable position of having to make different decisions for different people, based on the individual's unique situation. We will be piloting a new protocol this year at MSU that will help in this decision making, with the goal of finalizing a protocol that is responsive to individual circumstances, accountable and transparent through consistency, while protecting individual privacy seems to be needed. Such processes build trust and foster teamwork among department members and with leadership .

So you think your supervisor is the BEST?
Outstanding Supervisor Award nominations are due
image of last year winner along with information to nominate supervisor by July 9 at the WorkLife Website
The Outstanding Supervisor Award honors Michigan State University supervisors who have consistently demonstrated work/life sensitivity and support of the professional/personal needs of the employees in their unit.

Winners announced for National Boss Day in October.

Use your coffee break to pour into others Donate to the Women's Networking Association
image of coffee cups with information to donate to the Womens Networking Association in April at Starbucks and Sparty Market and other locations
The mission of the Women's Networking Association (WNA) is to connect professional women across campus through meaningful and empowering relationships. WNA hosts monthly seminars which focus on professional development and leadership building. Topics have included: Effective Networking; Creating Your Brand; Goal Setting and Achievement; Communication Skills for Women; among others. WNA programs are open to all and may have particular relevance to individuals seeking to advance their careers or develop networking and leadership skills. Donate to the glass jars at the following locations across campus: Starbucks, Sparty's Market, Union Food Court, QUE at the International Center. Donations cover snacks, beverages, room rental and other fees for the group.

Upcoming Events
  • September 20 - Fatherhood Forum

    Do you have a request for a workshop not already on the calendar? Is there something specific you'd like to have presented or discussed with your team? We've now made it even easier to connect with us for those requests.

    request a workshop button image has More Than Babysitters for You
    Whether you need ongoing help taking care of your kids or parents, a back-up pet sitter, or even someone to help you set up a party or organize your garage, you can depend on!

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