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Holiday-Life Fit
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By Jaimie Hutchison

The holidays are painted to be a magical time for everyone. What about those of us who may have some stress around the holidays? What if this is not the time of year that we celebrate the holidays, yet we can't avoid them? The truth is, holidays cause stress, whether positive stress, negative stress or a little bit of both. 
A Season of Giving
four people standing next to each other wearing blue volunteer shirts
By Audrey Smith
For many, this time of year marks the beginning of the Season of Giving. It is during this time that many of us seek opportunities to volunteer. 

Flex Worx: Making Flex Work for Faculty
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By Lydia Weiss
What does flexible work look like for faculty? There is no cookie cutter version of a flexible work arrangement that works for everyone - which is both great, and complicated. Part of the role of the WorkLife Office is to help identify those needs and assist in implementing arrangements that work for the individual and the unit.

Upcoming Events has more than babysitters for you
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Now, whether you need ongoing help taking care of your kids or parents, a back-up pet sitter, or even someone to help you set up a party or organize your garage, you can depend on!

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