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Let's Talk About It: 
What Exactly is a Consultation?
conversation hearts with the words Let_s Talk
By Jaimie Hutchison

You may have heard the WorkLife Office staff talk about "consultations" as a service that is available to you as a staff or faculty member at MSU. But what exactly is a consultation and how can it help you?
Find New Ways to Focus
on Your Health this Month
paper cutout of an apple with the word Health on it
By Kenny Williams, Jr.

Working at MSU has its perks - the beautiful Red Cedar river, hundreds of species of trees and exciting sporting events are among the many. You may not be aware that MSU offers many options to assist you in your journey of wellness, physical or otherwise.

Black History Month Honors the Contributions of African-Americans 
Dr. Carter G. Woodson - National Museum of American History - Smithsonian Institution
By Audrey Smith

The month of February is recognized as Black History Month.  It is a time to come together to share with all, celebrate and pay tribute to the contributions of African-Americans in the United States.

Connections: A Tool for Work-Life Success
giant puzzle pieces
By Lydia Weiss

Connecting with people and organizations that are meaningful to you can be a game changer for your career and personal success. At the WorkLife Office, we know how important it is to build your network in order to advance your career. 

Compassion at Work and Why it Matters 
person holding a red square card with a frown face drawn on it
By Jaimie Hutchison

Organizational psychologists make the case that organizations do best when the leadership pays attention to the emotional needs of their employees and show compassion. Compassion in the workplace is crucial to building a trusting environment where psychological safety is at the forefront.

WorkLife Office Fall 2018 by the Numbers
Fall 2018 number - 47 programs - 1818 program attendees - 50 Collaborating Organizations - 423 Individual Consultations
By Blythe White

During the fall semester, we honored the work and personal lives of over 1,800 program attendees at 47 events: seminars, trainings, resource fairs, conferences, and more.

Upcoming Events
Do you have a request for a workshop not already on the calendar? Is there something specific you'd like to have presented or discussed with your team? We've now made it even easier to connect with us for those requests.

request a workshop button image has More Than Babysitters for You
Snowman with the words No School_ Let them Play - Find a Babysitter - Search for Free by logging in with your MSU Net ID to
With the polar vortex your kids may not be building a snowman anytime soon, but they can still play with the babysitter so you can focus on other things. Now, whether you need ongoing help taking care of your kids or parents, a back-up pet sitter, or even someone to help you set up a party or organize your garage, you can depend on!

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