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January News
Welcome 2019!
Barbara L. Roberts, Executive Director

We have recommitted ourselves to building a stronger, more transparent and trustworthy community, through fostering openness, willingness to hear one another's voices, respect for diverse experiences and support for shared growth. There are conversations happening all over campus about how we want to work together, what kind of community we want to be, and how best to achieve those goals. 
Changes to Backup Dependent Care,
Based on Your Feedback
baby in a stroller being fed with a bottle
We understand that backup care is important for your loved ones - children or elders - and want you to choose the right services for your family. Last year, we actively listened to you, and have incorporated some changes to the MSU Backup Dependent Care program.

Gear Up for Goal Setting to
Smash Your New Year Resolutions
chalkboard image that says Success - Go Get It
By Erica Venton

As we move forward in the new year, we are hopeful for the things we want moving forward - whether they're our dreams or daily moments of joy. The new year brings a sense of empowerment that we can do what we set our mind to - in work and in our personal lives. Take some time today to set the course for the year ahead. 

The MSU Community Comes Through
for MSU Employees in Need
gift box with thank you card
By Jaimie Hutchison

The MSU community came together to support several families over the month of December. A need was identified, a message went out over the parent listserv through the MSU WorkLife Office which highlighted the specific needs of the families. Then the help came rolling in - people began emailing and dropping off items to help these Spartans in need.

King Commemorative Celebration at MSU
Get Involved January 16-25. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Commemorative Celebration.
By Audrey Smith

The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Commemorative Celebration at Michigan State University (MSU) will be observed on January 21, 2019.  This year marks the 39th annual celebration at MSU. The MSU 2019 theme is, Free Speech: Constitutional Right vs. Respectful Discourse.

Fresh Veggies at Your Fingertips: 
MSU Student Organic Farm Veggie CSA
picture of random selection of vegetables
Health and wellness are important to a strong work-life fit. Research shows that when we are stressed, our go-to habit is usually to eat high fat and high sugar foods, which in turn can stress us out even more. If you'd like to stock your fridge with super fresh, and super local veggies this year, check out the MSU Student Organic Farm.

Upcoming Events
Do you have a request for a workshop not already on the calendar? Is there something specific you'd like to have presented or discussed with your team? We've now made it even easier to connect with us for those requests.

request a workshop button image has more than babysitters for you
Picture of concerned woman on the phone with the words - When mom calls and needs help use Register to search for Free with you MSU Net Id on
Now, whether you need ongoing help taking care of your kids or parents, a back-up pet sitter, or even someone to help you set up a party or organize your garage, you can depend on!

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