August 2021
Workday Monthly Newsletter
Time Tracking

Currently, timesheets are submitted by ACC staff/faculty with eTime and approved by supervisors. With the launch of Workday, a business process, which is an electronic workflow, will be used to define who can enter, submit, and approve time. 

Workday reinforces business rules around how time should be entered and paid. It also dynamically calculates time tracking eligibility, including who can report time, what time can be reported, and when time can be reported. 

For example, Workday automatically differentiates the time entry requirements for exempt, non-exempt, and temporary workers (formerly hourly employees) at ACC. Currently, this process is done in ACC eTime and requires far more background work before an employee category can submit their time.
Time Entry
With Workday, non-exempt employees can now enter time in an easy-to-understand, calendar-based format. They can enter hours worked by day or week, view their schedule, and view their time off balance. Supervisors can view their team's time off balances, schedules, and absences calendar within the Time application as well. Workday will automatically notify both employees and managers of time entry and approval deadlines. 

Workday allows for the use of work schedules when tracking time. Work schedules will auto-populate the primary work schedule, but they do not show multiple work schedules if an employee has dual employment with the College. Those with different work schedules can have a work schedule assigned to them individually. Employees with multiple positions will not have multiple timesheets in Workday. Instead, they'll have one timesheet with a dropdown menu that allows them to select which timesheet they want to edit. Whichever position they choose, their hours will route to the relevant supervisor for approval. Only non-exempt employees will enter their time in Workday using the Check-In/Out functionality in the Time application. 

Employees can request compensatory time in the Absence application, where a supervisor will review and approve or decline the request. Approved compensatory hours will display in time off balance on the absence calendar.

All ACC employees can access the Time and Absence applications from Workday via mobile device. Those supported include Android, iOS, iPhone, and iPad.
Requesting Time Off
Requesting leave or time off in Workday will occur in the Absence application using a unified absence calendar. Benefits eligible employees will be able to select dates of their leave requests on the calendar and a type (e.g., vacation, sick, personal leave, etc.) Exempt employees won't have to request time off separately in their timesheets. Requests made in the Absence application will flow through to timesheets or Payroll. If requesting sick leave, the request will be sent directly to the manager for approval. Once approved, the leave will appear in the My Absence report in Workday.

When time off is approved, Workday will automatically reduce an employee's time off balances and update the pending balance when saved in the Time application. Time off balances will be viewable in the Time application.

All workers who are eligible for leave should note that they can only request time off already earned in Workday. 

Additionally, there will be some changes in how employees view personal leave in Workday. Personal leave time for eligible employees will be included in their sick time balance and reduced as personal time is used.   

Employees and managers will see how much personal leave the employee has taken and view the available sick and vacation time.
Viewing Pay
Currently, ACC employees view their pay advice in Online Services. With Workday, a pay advice will be referred to as payslip, and they’ll be viewable through the Pay application. All employee payslips will be viewable, downloadable, exportable to Excel, and printable through Workday. 

Additionally, payment options will now be updated in the Pay application in Workday. Employees will update their direct deposit accounts and change the amount or percent to deposit in each account. Tax information and federal elections will be viewable and easy to update within the Pay application as well; a big win for all employees since it's currently a paper-based process.
Terms to Know
The following terms will be new to the College with the implementation of Workday, and some will replace terms already commonly used by many employees.

To ease the transition to the new system, start adopting this new terminology with your fellow employees and encourage them to use and understand it. Adopting new terminology will aid in upcoming training and the launch of Workday in the Fall.

  • Applications – A compact report displayed as an icon on the employee’s Home page, providing easy access to tasks and information employees use regularly. Examples: Pay, Personal Information, Benefits, and Expenses.
  • Absence (application) An application linking employees to everyday actions and views related to time off.  
  • Pay application) An application linking employees to everyday actions and views related to pay. Employees can use this application to access withholding elections and payment elections and view payslips, total compensation, bonus and one-time payment history, and tax documents.
  • Payslip Formerly known as pay advice, these are electronic notices posted for each pay date and include information such as the amount of money directly deposited into specified bank account(s), the amount of taxes withheld from pay, benefit deductions, and net pay amount.
  • Temporary Workers Formerly known as “hourly employees.”
  • Time (application) An application linking employees to everyday actions and views related to their time, including entering their time and viewing their time off balance.
Workday training is under development. Training materials will include job aids, instructional videos, presentations, and instructor-led training. For updates on what training is available, refer to this section of the newsletter each month and the Training and Resources section of the ACC Workday Website
Help & Support
Along the journey to Workday's launch in the Fall and even beyond the go-live, support systems will be available to help if you run into any questions. First, consult the Workday website; if you can't find what you're looking for, reach out to one of the Change Champions

The Change Champion Network is a grassroots effort to communicate, advocate for, and support organizational change, specifically the implementation of Workday. Members of the Change Network (referred to as Change Champions) meet monthly to review materials to share with their colleagues. 

If the website doesn’t cover your question or a Change Champion isn’t available, send your questions regarding specific process changes or other issues to Support is always available to all ACC employees.