July 2021
Workday Monthly Newsletter
The Workday Career application will provide employees with information focused on their career path and development. This tool is a great way for supervisors to engage in a focused conversation with their employees about their career path and development throughout the year.

Employees may edit their Professional Profile to include their job history, education, certifications, skills, and languages. It will also be possible to enter and track awards, publications, professional affiliations, and any external training outside Workday (e.g., seminars, conferences, webinars, etc.). The Career Interests section will allow employees to describe how they want to further their careers and what specific areas they'd like to grow in. The Job Interest section provides a list of ACC jobs, and lets employees select those interested in and include any relevant comments.
With all of this information readily at hand in Workday, employees can discuss their goals with their supervisors outside of regular PEP (Performance Excellence Program) review periods and offer various details beyond a basic resume. Professional profiles can be printed and brought to informational interviews with people outside of employees' teams.
All Employee PEP reviews will take place in Workday in the Performance application after go-live. PEP reviews will include goals, status, milestones, and the ability to add comments and view feedback. The review period will still occur annually, but the questions will be updated, and self-evaluation will be mandatory.
Both employees and managers will be able to initiate development plans to discuss career development at ACC. Employees will better understand where they are in their career path and find new ways to broaden their skill sets. 

Additionally, managers will cascade goals to employees in the Performance application, and employees can link them to greater institutional or departmental goals. With Workday, ACC employees will identify where they are in their career and where they want to work toward in the future.
Terms to Know
The following terms will be new to the College with the implementation of Workday, and some will replace terms already commonly used by many employees.

To ease the transition to the new system, start adopting this new terminology with your fellow employee and encourage them to use and understand it. Adopting new terminology will aid in upcoming training and the launch of Workday in the Fall.

  • Career (application) – Links employees to actions related to their career, including view certifications, education, languages, job history, and awards.
  • Performance (application) – Links employees to performance-related actions, including viewing goals, reviews, feedback received, and skills.
  • Talent (application) – Links employees and HR to actions related to talent, including giving and getting feedback and viewing a talent snapshot.
Workday training is under development. Training materials will include job aids, instructional videos, presentations, and instructor-led training. For updates on what training is available, refer to this section of the newsletter each month and the Training and Resources section of the ACC Workday Website
Help & Support
Along the journey to Workday's launch in the Fall and even beyond the go-live, support systems will be available to help if you run into any questions. First, consult the Workday website; if you can't find what you're looking for, reach out to one of the Change Champions

The Change Champion Network is a grassroots effort to communicate, advocate for, and support organizational change, specifically the implementation of Workday. Members of the Change Network (referred to as Change Champions) meet monthly to review materials to share with their colleagues. 

If the website doesn’t cover your question or a Change Champion isn’t available, send your questions regarding specific process changes or other issues to Workday@austincc.edu. Support is always available to all ACC employees.