May 2021
Workday Monthly Newsletter
Why Workday?

You may be wondering why we chose Workday. Here are just a few key reasons:

  • To be among the nation’s premier colleges by transforming the way we work.

  • To empower ACC leaders with actionable data any time, anywhere to make informed decisions.

  • To provide more time to better serve the needs of the students by streamlining processes.
Advantages of Workday
User Experience

  • Empowers employees to effortlessly view and manage their personal data

  • Harmonizes, standardizes, and streamlines through process automation

  • Provides access through a mobile device, tablet, or computer
Operational Efficiency

  • One place to initiate processes and conduct business transactions

  • Empowers managers with real-time access to employee data

  • Ability to rapidly adapt to evolving operational needs with greater agility
Data-Informed Decisions

  • Accurate data for reliable financial reporting anywhere, on any device

  • A single platform for accounting and transactions

  • Improves accounting proficiency and synced up processes
Employee Self-Service
The implementation of Workday will give ACC employees more freedom to view and edit their information than ever before. Currently, employees work with many separate websites and manual processes to update their personal information. With Workday, all employees will have access to view and edit their personal information in one system.

This will include the ability to change your contact information (such as address, email, and phone numbers), emergency contacts, photo, legal name, and preferred name. You’ll also be able to access compensation and payroll information, payslips, time entry, paid time off (PTO) balances, and your current job details (position, title, hire date). With this level of streamlined access to information, Workday will quickly enable new levels of operational efficiency across the College. 

Workday’s user-friendly interface will make your daily work much easier in general. Notifications will alert you to tasks you’ve been assigned, events, upcoming performance reviews, and approvals you’ve received. Automated dashboards and online forms will reduce the amount of repetitive paper processes. And new availability of robust data and reporting capabilities will allow you to more accurately work with less possibility of errors.
Terms to Know
  • Application – A compact report displayed as an icon on your Home page, providing easy access to tasks and information you use on a regular basis.
Example: Applications include Pay, Personal Information, Benefits, and Expenses.
  • Dashboards – An application containing key management reports and actions.
  • Pay – An application linking you to common actions and views related to your pay. You can use this application to access withholding elections, payment elections, view pay slips, and total compensation.
  • Personal Information – An application linking you to common actions and views related to your personal information, including changing your contact and personal information (such as addresses, email, and phone numbers), emergency contacts, photo, legal name, preferred name, and government IDs. 
  • Time – An application linking you to common actions and views related to your time, including entering your time and viewing your time off balance.
  • Worker – An employee or a contingent worker.
  • Worker Profile – Your continuously updated page. It provides a quick view of your experience, skills, education, and projects.
Workday training is currently being developed. For updates on what training is available, refer to this section of the newsletter each month and the Training and Resources section of the ACC Workday Website. Training materials will include job aids, instructional videos, presentations, and instructor-led training.
Help & Support
Along the journey to Workday’s launch in the Fall and even beyond the go-live, support systems will be available to help if you run into any questions. First, consult the Workday website, which will be continuously updated with new Training and Resources materials. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, reach out to one of the Change Champions

The Change Champion Network is a grassroots effort to communicate, advocate for, and support organizational change, specifically the Workday implementation. Members of the Change Network (referred to as Change Champions) meet monthly to review materials to share with their colleagues. 

If the website doesn’t cover your question or a Change Champion isn’t available, send your questions regarding specific process changes or other issues to Support is always available to all ACC employees.