September 2021
Workday Monthly Newsletter
Workday Training Overview

Workday training sessions will highlight specific process changes, system instructions, and information for navigating and using Workday.

Sessions are tailored to Faculty and Staff, Managers, Principal Investigators, and Cost Center Managers. Hands-on activity sessions will be available for Administrative/Clerical Business Partners and P2P Business Partners. 
Customized training for Administrative/Clerical Business Partners has been underway, and customized sessions for Principal Investigators and P2P Business Partners will be offered by invitation (check your email for an invite). 
The first "all ACC employee" training is Monday, October 4, 2021. This session will review Time Off and Leave. It will show how employees can view their available sick and vacation balance, request an absence​, correct an absence request​, cancel an absence request, and view available balances.
The second session, Manager Role, Navigation, and Delegation is for ACC Managers. This training will cover Workday navigation and commonly used Workday concepts, along with a review of key applications for Managers such as My Team Management, Recruiting and Recruiting Dashboard, and the Time and Absence applications.
A complete list of training opportunities is available on the Workday website. Visit the Training & Resources page, and click the "Connect to the Training Schedule" link to view the complete list of course offerings and descriptions. You can also register to attend a particular session. 
All training sessions will be recorded and posted to a Google site, in addition to instructional materials such as job aids. Other supporting documents will be available for all employees to utilize when performing essential functions within Workday. A link to the Google site will be sent in an upcoming communication.
What training is right for me?
All Employees will use Workday; if it’s to check your earnings statements or update your W-4, you will mot likely need Workday Training. Training will be recommended to employees based on the security roles they are assigned in Workday. 

All employees will be assigned the role of "Employee as Self." Within this security role, an employee can view pay information, take actions like print payslips, and make updates like change tax withholdings or access tax documents. Employee as Self also gives access to view an employee's supervisory organization, overall leave balances and accruals, enter Time worked (for non-exempt employees), and manage their time-off and absence requests.  

Other security groups include Administrative/Clerical Business Partners, Cost Center Managers, P2P Business Partners, and Principal Investigators. To learn more about security information roles, such as definitions and assignments, click here.
The following terms will be new to the College with the implementation of Workday, and some will replace terms already commonly used by many employees.

To ease the transition to the new system, start adopting this new terminology with your staff and fellow employees and encourage them to use and understand it. Early adoption of terminology will aid in upcoming training and the launch of Workday in the Fall.

  • Security Group/Role – a role-based security group assigned to a job or position based on responsibility in an organization.

  • Administrative/Clerical Business Partnera Workday role for managing compensation requests and approvals.

  • Compensation PartnerHR role with the responsibility for reviewing and approving Workday HR tasks that involve compensation. For example, a Compensation Partner will approve the compensation for a new position.

  • Cost Center Managerresponsible for managing the budget and tasks for Cost Centers.

  • HR Partneran HR role with the ability to manage staffing and hiring tasks and approve Manager HR tasks.

  • Managermanages a supervisory organization with direct reports. Employees with the Manager role must have direct reports and may have organizational leadership titles different from Manager, such as Supervisor, Director, etc.

  • P2P Business Partnera Workday role for managing requisitions, change orders, and awards.

  • Principal Investigatora Workday role for managing Grants and Grant-related tasks.

  • Recruitera role in the recruiting process for managing job requisitions, candidates, and Workday recruiting process tasks.
Special Thanks
The Workday project team has been working tirelessly in preparation for the October 16 go-live date.

Special thanks to the project team and subject matter experts in Human Resources, Business Services, and the Budget Office, in tandem with Business Processes and Initiatives and Information Technology.

This effort would not be complete without the partnership of Collaborative Solutions. 
Help & Support
Along the journey to Workday's launch in the Fall and even beyond the go-live, support systems will be available to help if you run into any questions. First, consult the Workday website; if you can't find what you're looking for, reach out to one of the Change Champions

The Change Champion Network is a grassroots effort to communicate, advocate for, and support organizational change, specifically the implementation of Workday. Members of the Change Network (referred to as Change Champions) meet monthly to review materials to share with their colleagues. 

If the website doesn’t cover your question or a Change Champion isn’t available, send your questions regarding specific process changes or other issues to Support is always available to all ACC employees.