July 2021
Workday Monthly Newsletter: Manager Edition
Job And Compensation Changes
With Workday, it’s now possible for managers to initiate most job changes, such as assigning a new supervisor or location of one of their existing employees. Managers can also create job requisitions for existing and new positions through Workday. This feature is a big win since this process is currently manual and paper-based. 

Additionally, managers can initiate an allowance or a one-time payment through Workday, formally processed as a stipend. An "allowance," for example, may be used to pay a portion of an employee's cell phone due to the nature of their job—a recurring expense covered by the College. A "one-time payment" can be used in the case of any single payment outside of a standard salary, such as payment for curriculum development or substitute pay.

Through the Compensation application, managers will have access to view their direct reports' information in one place and, at the same time—the ability to view each of their employee's compensation information in their Worker Profiles. While ACC has previously required various systems and manual processes to access this information, Workday simplifies it into one source. Employee information will now be easier to view and report on than ever before.


Processing employee terminations in Workday will be more efficient and streamlined, with trackable workflows.

Currently, employee separations (terminations) for full-time and part-time staff and full-time faculty are initiated in eHire. After go-live, all employment categories will use Workday to end their employment (termination) with the College. Upon termination, ACC will revoke access to ACC systems, and the employee's salary will end. Because employee separations will now occur in one system, there will be less confusion concerning when access to systems will end. Workday will prevent overpayments due to this alignment and information in a central location. 

Traditionally, Human Resources (HR) units relied on email notifications regarding employee separations. HR would process the information that pertains to their area; this will change with Workday. Employee separations will be referred to as voluntary or involuntary termination and will follow business process rules in Workday. The electronic workflow will begin as soon as the termination is initiated. Voluntary terminations will be approved through the supervisory chain in Workday up to the department Vice President (VP). Involuntary terminations will follow the upward departmental supervisory chain and then to the Vice President of Human Resources.
Terms to Know
The following terms will be new to the College with the implementation of Workday, and some will replace terms already commonly used by many employees.

To ease the transition to the new system, start adopting this new terminology with your fellow employee and encourage them to use and understand it. Adopting new terminology will aid in upcoming training and the launch of Workday in the Fall. 

  • Allowance – used to transact a specific recurring payment, such as partial payment for a cell phone required for their job role, formally known as a stipend. 
  • Compensation (application) – links managers to common actions and views related to compensation, including comparing a direct report's pay and salary range to others on the team.
  • One-time Payment – a single payment to an employee, on-demand and outside of their regular salary, formerly processed as a stipend. 
  • Termination When an employee voluntarily or involuntarily leaves their role at the College, formerly known as separation.
Workday training is under development. Training materials will include job aids, instructional videos, presentations, and instructor-led training. For updates on what training is available, refer to this section of the newsletter each month and the Training and Resources section of the ACC Workday Website
Help & Support
Along the journey to Workday's launch in the Fall and even beyond the go-live, support systems will be available to help if you run into any questions. First, consult the Workday website; if you can't find what you're looking for, reach out to one of the Change Champions

The Change Champion Network is a grassroots effort to communicate, advocate for, and support organizational change, specifically the implementation of Workday. Members of the Change Network (referred to as Change Champions) meet monthly to review materials to share with their colleagues. 

If the website doesn’t cover your question or a Change Champion isn’t available, send your questions regarding specific process changes or other issues to Workday@austincc.edu. Support is always available to all ACC employees.