October 2021
Workday Monthly Newsletter: Manager Edition
Workday Training Overview
Workday training sessions are underway and will highlight specific process changes, system instructions, and information for navigating and using Workday. All employees will have the opportunity to receive training from functional experts from Human Resources, Budget, Payroll, and Business Services. ACC Managers will have additional training in Manager Self Service for Workday.
A complete list of training opportunities is available on the Workday website. Visit the Training & Resources page, and click the "Connect to the Training Schedule" link to view the complete list of course offerings and descriptions. Register to attend any session for All employees and Manager training. Learn about Workday navigation and commonly used Workday concepts, along with a review of key applications for Managers such as My Team Management, Recruiting and Recruiting Dashboard, and the Time and Absence applications.

Unedited recordings of the training sessions will be posted to the Recording of Training page, and edited recordings will transition to the Workday Training Collateral website. This website will also contain all job aids once they are developed and approved for posting and updated regularly.
Workday and ACCmail
An enhancement to ACCmail will go live with Workday on October 16, 2021. All new employees hired after the go-live date will be provided an ACCmail as part of the hiring business process in Workday. In the past, newly hired employees had to activate their email account, which will not be the case in Workday. Personal email addresses used by an applicant will get converted to an ACCmail account during the hiring process.

This change also includes temporary workers (hourly employees) and student workers. Temporary workers will have ACCmail addresses created for them without requiring them to claim their email addresses.

This change will also apply to all employees retroactively; every active worker (employee) and temporary worker (hourly employee) who have not previously claimed an assigned ACCmail address. Returning temporary workers who become active again will also have their institutional email address automatically claimed and populated in Colleague.

All Workday notifications and reminders for individuals will go to their ACCmail address. Managers are encouraged to inform their staff of this change since the College will send information electronically to all workers who may not have had an ACCmail previously. 
Additional Help & Support
Along the journey to Workday's launch in the Fall and even beyond the go-live, support systems will be available to help if you run into any questions. First, consult the Workday website and look for Training and Resources materials. If you can't find what you're looking for, reach out to one of the Change Champions.  

For additional Workday end user support, refer to the following resources:

  • Human Resources
  • Email: hr.workday-group@austincc.edu
  • For: Absence, Benefits, Compensation, Staffing Changes, Recruiting, Talent and Performance\

  • Procure to Pay (P2P)
  • Email: P2P@austincc.edu
  • For: Expense Reports, Purchase Requisitions, Request for Goods

  • Record to Report (R2R)
  • Email: R2R@austincc.edu
  • For: Grants, Awards, Workday Reporting