January 2019
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Worker 360°
Worker 360° is the integrated risk management of safety and health to improve overall worker quality of life. This series is about how implementing Worker 360° can help benefit your organization and employees.  
How to Make and Stick to a New Year's Resolution

Sticking with a resolution can be difficult - but often times our goals can have a big impact on our overall well-being and quality of life. Set yourself up for success this year by setting strategic and smart goals. 

Be sure to share, print, and forward to your employees! 
December Topics Include:
  • Raise Healthier Eaters
  • Make Ahead Meal Plans
  • The Sleep Advantage
  • Language to Change Your Life
  • Denial or Reality? 
Making Safety Smart

In the era of smart buildings, explore the impact of technological advancements on fire detection and what it means for organizations who are planning new facilities. Learn more about how technology can perform life-saving functions at emergent and non-emergency levels. 

New State Law Regarding Child Safety in Cars Starts January 1, 2019

While there has been progress in ensuring children are riding in safety or booster seats in the state of Nebraska, there is still room for improvement. In 2017, of the 480 children ages 0-15 killed or injured, 40 percent were unbuckled.  

Learn about the new law designed to keep young children safe when traveling.
Linking Workforce Health to Business Performance Metrics 

Human resource professionals have made a convincing case for the competitive advantages of a healthy workforce. The Integrated Benefits Institute (IBI) provides a paper that strengthens the business case for a healthy workforce by advocating a more strategic approach to health and business performance measurement. 

Upcoming Training Courses and Events
January 7-8:  OSHA 10-Hour Construction Training  - Norfolk 
January 8: OSHA Recordkeeping Training - Grand Island
January 9: Forklift Safety for Construction - Norfolk
January 9: Aerial Lift Safety Training - Norfolk
January 9: NEW Verbal Judo De-Escalation Techniques - Grand Island
January 10: OSHA Recordkeeping Training - Norfolk
January 15: Aerial Lift Safety Training - Lincoln
January 15: OSHA Recordkeeping Training - Lincoln
January 16: Crane and Hoist Training - Lincoln
January 16: NEW Verbal Judo and De-Escalation Techniques - Lincoln
January 17: 8-Hour HazWoper Refresher - Lincoln
January 21-22: OSHA 10-Hour Construction Training - Kearney
January 22: Silica in Construction Training - Kearney
January 23: Forklift Safety for Construction - Kearney
January 23: Aerial Lift Safety Training - Kearney 
January 23: NEW Worker 360° Workshop - Lincoln 
January 24:  OSHA Recordkeeping Training  - Kearney
January 28-29: OSHA 10-Hour General Industry Training - Kearney
January 28-31: OSHA 30-Hour General Industry Training - Kearney
January 21-22: OSHA 10-Hour Construction Training - Kearney

Membership Updates
Worker 360° Connections Meeting

Learn from wellness and safety professionals on how to increase engagement in your safety and wellness programs. Nebraska Public Power District will also share their story of safety and wellness engagement success. 

NPPD had a 75 percent employee participation rate for their wellness program in 2017, with 75.8 percent of employees meeting the health score criteria or completed additional wellness program criteria. They also had an average weightloss of 10.17 pounds per participant. Learn all of the details of their success by attending the upcoming connections meeting. 

Date: January 10, 2019
Time: 11:30 a.m.-1:00 p.m.
Location: Valentino's 2245 N Webb Road  \  Grand Island, NE
Cost: FREE for members (attendees purchase own meal)

Webinar: It Takes Something Other Than Opioids to Manage Pain

Data indicates that more than half of Americans live with chronic or recurrent pain, which is greater than cancer and stroke combined. According to the 2015 Institute of Medicine Report, pain-related conditions affect 116 million adults in the U.S., costing more than $560-$635 billion in medical and lost productivity. In this webinar, Sue Sporrer, PharmD, will review solutions to pain management using the highly regarded Midwest Business Group on Health Employer Guide to Pain Management. All webinar participants will receive this guide. 

Sign up in advance, you cannot register once the webinar has started.

Date: February 22, 2019
Time: 11:00 a.m. (CST)

Start Using the New Worker 360° Risk Assessment

This new benefit is exclusively for members and is free! The Worker 360° Risk Assessment only takes 3-5 minutes for employees to complete, gives you an easy-to-read aggregate report, and you'll get insight from every angle to improve your safety and wellness programs. 

Ready to get started? Contact Lisa Henning at 402.483.2511 ext. 109 or email her at lhenning@nesafetycouncil.org 
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