Q) How many days do employees have to report work related injuries or illnesses?

A) Employers should encourage employees to report accidents as soon as the work related injuries or illnesses occur.  By law, however, employees are required to report work related injuries or illnesses within 30 days.  
 Q) To whom should I report the work-related injury? 

A) You should report the accident to your insurance company as soon as you have knowledge of the injury.  By law, you have seven days from your first knowledge of the work related injury.
 Q) Do I have to report a claim if I do not believe it is a work-related injury or illness?  

A) Yes.  You should report all claims of work-related injuries or illnesses to your worker's compensation insurance carrier.  This includes claims in which there are no witnesses of the injury or illness.  It is your worker's compensation insurance carrier's responsibility to investigate all claims and determine if employees are entitled to benefits under Florida's Workers' Compensation Law.
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