JUNE 2018                                                                FRANÇAIS

Another Mine Rescue Competition is complete, and thankfully, the weather this year couldn't have been better. Thank you to everyone involved in making this exciting annual event another one to remember.

Each of the eight teams performed admirably this year, demonstrating impressive mine rescue skills and techniques. Diavik Diamond Mine swept up six of the sixteen trophies awarded, including the trophy for Overall Underground, while Gahcho Kué Diamond Mine won four awards, including the trophy for Overall Surface .

Congratulations, teams - the Mine Rescue Competition may be a friendly battle to test the effectiveness of mine emergency practices, but in the event of an incident, we know you have our miners' backs.

The individual tasks were awarded to the following teams:

Bench Technician
Brad Towle, Hope Bay Gold Mine, NU (TMAC Resources Inc.)
Surface First Aid
Baffinland Iron Mine, NU (Baffinland Corporation)
Underground First Aid
Meliadine Gold Project, NU (Agnico Eagle Mines Ltd.)
Surface Practical Bench
Baffinland Iron Mine, NU (Baffinland Corporation)
Fire Fighting
Ekati Diamond Mine, NT (Dominion Diamond Corporation)
Surface Rope Rescue
Gahcho Kué Diamond Mine, NT (De Beers Canada Inc.)
Underground Rope Rescue
Diavik Diamond Mine, NT (Rio Tinto Ltd.)
Surface Written Test
Gahcho Kué Diamond Mine, NT (De Beers Canada Inc.)
Underground Written Test
Diavik Diamond Mine, NT (Rio Tinto Ltd.)
Surface Smoke
Baffinland Iron Mine, NU (Baffinland Corporation)
Underground Smoke
Diavik Diamond Mine, NT (Rio Tinto Ltd.)
Underground Bench/Field Test
Diavik Diamond Mine, NT (Rio Tinto Ltd.)
Surface Obstacle/Extrication
Gahcho Kué Diamond Mine, NT (De Beers Canada Inc.)
Underground Obstacle
Diavik Diamond Mine, NT (Rio Tinto Ltd.)
Overall Surface
Gahcho Kué Diamond Mine, NT (De Beers Canada Inc.)
Overall Underground
Diavik Diamond Mine, NT (Rio Tinto Ltd.)

Mine Rescue competitors, we'll see you next year for Mine Rescue's 62nd year! Save the date: the 2019 Mine Rescue Competition will be taking place on Saturday, June 1, 2019 .

Describe to us your role within the GC.

I am an Employer Representative for the Northwest Territories. This does not mean that I am there to strictly represent the employers, but rather if employers had concerns and were not getting answers, I could be used as a conduit to the WSCC Governance Council. In addition to my role as a GC Member, I am the Chair of the Governance and Leadership Committee, as well as Deputy Chair of the Governance Council. My role within the GC is to work with my colleagues on the GC to ensure that we work with our employee - the President - to maintain the Workers' Protection Fund, and also to ensure that our goals and objectives are in line with the needs of both Nunavut and NWT.

How long have you been part of the GC, and why did you decide to join?

I have been on the GC for just over 3 years, and I decided to join because I feel that it is our duty to serve the region we live. If we choose areas that we have some experience or interest in, it helps to ensure that our participation is meaningful.

What does workplace safety mean to you?

Workplace safety means that we take a holistic view to safety; we should be conscious of safety in everything we do, both in our work and personal lives. If we can get everyone to think of safety as second nature we would all succeed in doing our job and coming home safely.

The WSCC has seven Values. Can you highlight one and explain why it is important to the WSCC?

The most important value to me is Openness. Without this, we are a large organization that can often be seen to be unapproachable and beyond reproach, and if we are seen in that light we are failing at our job. There is nothing we do that cannot be improved on and the only way you get feedback is if people care enough to comment - but they also need to feel that their feedback will lead to a response.

What is your favourite part of being a GC member, and why?

My favourite part is being able to work with my colleagues on the Governance Council to address the concerns expressed by the stakeholders we serve at the WSCC. Being able to provide a resolution to an area of concern is very rewarding.

The GC represents the interests of our stakeholders. They are essential in guiding the WSCC through the overall consideration of our policies, practices, and operations and how they affect our stakeholders. The GC members represent your interests.

Over the next several issues, we will introduce you to each of our Governance Council members. Until then, learn more about the Governance Council by visiting our website.


Homeowners: did you know that if you hire workers in and around your home, WSCC legislation may consider you an employer?

If you are thinking about obtaining the services of nannies, cleaners, repair workers, or contractors to work full or part-time, with or without remuneration, the WSCC can help you determine if you need to pay assessments under the  Workers' Compensation Act and whether you have occupational health and safety (OHS) responsibilities under the  Safety Act .

Call our Employer Services unit to find out if the WSCC considers you an employer for assessment purposes, and our Prevention Services unit to ask about your OHS responsibilities. Call us toll-free at 1-800-661-0792.

The Governance Council reviewed and approved the following policies and GC directives at its June 2018 meeting:
  • Policy 01.01, Industry Classification
  • Policy 01.02, Industry Re-Classification
  • Policy 03.11, Allowances and Services for Severely Injured Workers
  • GC Directive B-005, Governance Council Directors' Travel
Please refer to the WSCC Policy Manual to view all WSCC policies or the Governance Council Directives  to view all governance directives.

WSCC's offices (Northwest Territories and Nunavut) are closed on Monday, July 2 in celebration of Canada Day, and reopen on Tuesday, July 3 at 8:30 AM.

WSCC's Iqaluit office is closed on Monday, July 9 in celebration of Nunavut Day, and reopens on Tuesday, July 10 at 8:30 AM.

To report a serious workplace injury or incident, call 1-800-661-0792.
This information will soon be available in Inuktitut and Inuinnaqtun on our website.

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