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We are excited to announce that this fall, we will once again be participating in several tradeshows and conferences across the North. Take a look at the list below and stop by our booth!

If you can't join us at these tradeshows, but would like to speak with us, send us an email! We are always available to answer any safety questions you might have.

Last year, the WSCC launched its Occupational Health and Safety Program Guide for Small Businesses with the goal of helping every business - big or small - develop its own OHS Program.

Since then, the WSCC's OHS Specialist has travelled to communities across the North, delivering workshops tailored to different industries and offering consultations for individual businesses upon request.

Next month, our OHS Specialist will be in Iqaluit and Rankin Inlet for presentations and workshops during the tradeshows mentioned above. The WSCC's OHS Specialist can help you understand how the OHS Regulations applies to you and your business, and can work with you to develop an OHS Program tailored to your needs. To reach our OHS Specialist and schedule a workshop, email us at or call us toll-free at 1-800-661-0792.
WHMIS 2015

As we mentioned in the June issue of SafetyNet, every employer should note that Health Canada has adjusted their compliance schedule for WHMIS 2015, or the Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System training.

In order to fully implement WHMIS 2015 nationally, across federal, provincial, and territorial jurisdictions (to allow for legislative adjustments in each), and to give suppliers, employers, and workers time to adjust to WHMIS 2015, Health Canada is allowing implementation to take place over a three-stage transition period, culminating in full compliance across Canada by December 1, 2018.

OHS Insider reported earlier this month that federal Occupational Health and Safety inspectors will be visiting workplaces across the country this fall to assist workplaces with their WHMIS compliance and ensure they are on schedule.
Inspections or not, all employers and employees should be trained in WHMIS 2015 so that as changes come into the workplace, workers will already know the new system.
Earlier this year, the WSCC partnered with the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) to develop an online WHMIS 2015 e-course to help employers in the Northwest Territories or Nunavut ensure their workers are fully compliant. The WSCC continues to sponsor free seats for the online training; please click here to register.
To read more, please visit Health Canada's WHMIS Transition and Explanation of Transition Phases pages.


Codes of practice provide practical, step-by-step guidance on certain topics to help employers and workers understand and meet safety standards required by our legislation. We are continually releasing new codes. To learn more, see our Codes of Practice page.


The Powered Mobile Equipment code of practice provides information to employers and workers on what is required to operate powered mobile equipment. The Code corresponds to the following sections of the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Regulations:
  • Part 11, Powered Mobile Equipment, Sections 161 to 176;
  • Young Persons, Section 14 (1)(f);
  • Protection Against Falling, Section 119; and
  • Locking Out, Section 147(1).
This code of practice contains a Powered Mobile Equipment Operator Competency Form  (Appendix A) that can also be found as a printer-friendly version on our Codes of Practice page .

Access the code of practice on Powered Mobile Equipment.


The Counterbalanced Forklifts code of practice provides information to employers and workers on what is required to operate a counterbalanced forklift safely, under Part 11, Powered Mobile Equipment of the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Regulations. These requirements ensure procedures are in place to safeguard the health and safety of the workers and the public.

This code of practice contains a page on Forklift Hand Signals (Appendix C) and a Pre-operation Daily Checklist (Appendix B), but printer-friendly versions can be found in the links provided, and on our Codes of Practice page.

Access the code of practice on Counterbalanced Forklifts.


Despite launching less than a year ago, the WSCC's efforts to bring First Aid Training to communities across the North free of charge remain in high demand. We appreciate and thank you for helping us ensure all employers and workers become certified in Standard First Aid and CPR. Safety is everyone's responsibility, so there's no better place to start than by ensuring that you can come to your fellow worker's aid in a time of need.

This fall, we will be offering more two-day First Aid sessions in the following communities:  
  • Gjoa Haven, NU - October 10-11 and October 12-13.
  • Inuvik, NT - October 14-15 and October 16-17.
  • Taloyoak, NU - October 14-15 and October 16-17.
  • Paulatuk, NT - October 21-22 and October 23-24.
  • Rankin Inlet, NU - October 21-22 and October 23-24.
  • Behchoko, NT - October 23-24 and October 25-26.
  • Chesterfield Inlet, NU - October 26-27 and October 28-29.
  • Baker Lake, NU - October 31-November 1 and November 2-3.
  • Arviat, NU - November 4-5 and November 6-7 .
  • Fort Providence, NT - November 14-15 and November 16-17 .
  • Fort Smith, NT - November 18-19 and November 20-21 .
There is no cost for participants to attend the training. Participants are responsible for their own costs to travel to and from the sessions.

Please note the following: 
  • If the minimum number of 12 registrants is not reached, we will contact you if we have to cancel or reschedule.
  • If a class is full, you can follow the instructions to join the waitlist. We will notify you when a spot opens up.
  • If there are enough participants on the waitlist, rest assured we will consider adding more classes and dates in your community.
To register, please click here  for the most current list of communities and click on the community of your interest. Follow the instructions to complete your registration.  If you do not see your community listed, contact us ! We may be planning to bring First Aid to you.

For more information, or to register by phone, please call us at 1-800-661-0792 and ask about First Aid Training.
This information will soon be available in Inuktitut and Inuinnaqtun on our website.   /  1.800.661.0792   *  /  1.877.404.4407