'Workforce Angels'

"Our pledge to college scholarship students is to connect them to our Dayton business partners for work experience opportunities, as well as employment interviews upon graduation"


Kristina Burban, Wright State University chemistry major was
provided a 'shadowing' opportunity at Miami Valley South

T eresa Moorman, D.Ph.; Doris Adler, FEO Executive Director; Kristina Burban;
Mark Moore R.Ph, MBA, Pharmacy Manager

Doris Adler noted, "Kristina Burban is one of our 'best of the best' 2015 scholarship winners and is on a career path to become a pharmacist.  Our promise to the students is to open doors for them with our many Dayton business partners for career opportunities.  We become their Workforce Angels."  

"Kristina was interested in a career experience in a hospital setting. Fortunately, Premier Health is one of our business partners and they arranged for Kristina to shadow in the pharmacy at  the Miami Valley South location. We are committed to help businesses by introducing them to our scholarship students - and working to retain that talent in the Dayton area."

Kristina's mother emailed us the following:
   Dear Mrs. Adler.  As a parent of a scholarship winner, Kristina Burban, I just wanted
     to express my gratitude for your organization's role in going the extra mile to become
  "workforce angels" and  connecting these students with the local community.  How
   very wise!  Breaking the ice to help create these workplace ties is so critical in their
  career journey.  Kristina is excited that she has been able to set up her shadowing
  visits with Premier Health hospital pharmacists already and we so appreciate your
                involvement to facilitate that process.  Many thanks!  Cindy Burban  

Mark Moore, Miami Valley South Pharmacy Director, was pleased to have a top student like Kristina.  "This kind of shadowing offers students invaluable experience as they advance to become interns.  It's good for us and good for them.  We are very impressed with Kristina."

Congratulations to Kristina Burban and thanks to Premier Health - working together to retain young talent in Dayton

October 6, 2015