May 25th, 2021
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  • Kinney Drugs - Cash Winnings for Covid Vaccine
  • Plattsburgh YMCA Re-opening
  • Essex County Job Opening
  • JCEO Daycare Provider Orientation
Kinney Drugs encourages people to get COVID-19 shot with cash prizes

Kinney Drugs stores are making an extra effort to get shots into more people’s arms.
For the next six weeks, you can visit Kinney Drugs' website and write one thing you’re looking forward to after getting vaccinated to become eligible to win cash prizes.

One winner will be selected every week to win $500 for the next month and there will be a grand prize of $2,500 at the end.
Nearly 95% of Vermonters over 65 have gotten at least one dose, but only half of people under 30 have been vaccinated or made an appointment.
The drug store is trying to make sense of why the 18 to 29 age group remains hesitant.

“A lot of them just said ‘well I don’t really see the need.’ They feel invincible, they feel like they’re young and if they did get COVID they’d get through it without a problem, so they just don’t have the same sense of urgency that other demographics or age groups had,” said Judith Cowden, the Senior Director of Marketing & Advertising at Kinney Drugs.
This is just one of several initiatives happening right now to get more people vaccinated.

In New York, you can get a free lottery ticket if you get vaccinated this week to potentially win $5 million.
Over the weekend, Vermont offered 10,00 creemee coupons to anyone who attended an EMS vaccination clinic.


Plattsburgh city gym to reopen under YMCA management
The City of Plattsburgh is teaming up with local YMCA officials in an effort to reopen the city gym this summer.
In a social media post Friday, YMCA officials wrote that they will help reopen the gym — soon to be renamed the "Y at the Oval" — in a partnership with the city. The current reopening date has been set for July 1.

"'Collaboration Way' not only between municipalities but also right here within the City of Plattsburgh," the post read, referencing a recent reconciliation between the city and town. "More information to follow in the coming days."

The city gym, formally known as the Plattsburgh City Rec Center, has been closed since March of 2020 under pandemic-related orders from state leadership.

Financial concerns, however, extend well beyond that closure. The city had issued requests for an outside group to take over the gym after a string of financial troubles.


Daycare Provider Orientation
WEDNESDAY, JUNE 2, 2021 AT 1 PM – 2 PM

Join JCEO virtually to learn more about becoming a NYS registered daycare provider!

Preregister by June 1st to
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