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Will County Resource Room
The Resource Room is available for job search activities including: computers with résumé software, résumé reviews and a copier/fax machine for job search activities.

The Resource Room is open from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday.

Face coverings must be worn at all times.
Success Stories
Coleton H.
Coleton entered the Connect to Your Future program in October 2018. He lost some credits due to his family moving and changing school districts. His attendance declined and he decided to drop out of high school and earn his GED. Coleton was an excellent, motivated student and was able to earn his GED in only two months. After reviewing high demand occupations with his career planner and setting his goals, Coleton moved on to the CYF Occupational Skills program to study welding at Illinois Welding School. Coleton completed his training and received a certification in Pipe Welding in February of 2020. Coleton landed an opportunity as Northern Illinois Steel. Coleton is an example of an eager student, who even when challenges arose during his journey, he continued to move forward to reach his goals.
Fabian A.
Fabian wanted to complete his education and work in the medical field, but did not think this was possible with his family obligations. After meeting with his career planner, he realized that with some planning and hard work, he could make his goals achievable. He needed the career scholarship to help with his tuition, and this assistance combined with his FAFSA enabled Fabian to attend the accelerated RN program at Rasmussen College. Fabian balanced work, school, and family life during his training and successfully completed his program in October of 2020. Fabian is now a registered nurse at Morris Hospital and says “I am so grateful to have been given the chance to make this dream a reality”.
Success Story from
Berryman Transfer & Storage Company Inc.
David Middleton
I attended the On-the-Job Training (OJT) Orientations every week before the pandemic happened. It has been hard looking getting a job due to my background. Tiana worked with me and sent my résumé to a few companies for a Forklift position. I was even offered a job and they took it back because I failed the background check. Then I was sent for an interview at Berryman Transfer. A lot of places were not open to the public due to COVID. So, I knew I had to bring my A-game. Rob knew I had a background and hired me anyways! The OJT orientation inspired and gave me the confidence I needed to get the job. Since I started working here, I have been able to send my daughter, who is in college money every week. Now, I am saving up to buy her a car, and I can pay my rent. I will be retiring from this job because it is perfect. They treat me like family, and I live 13 minutes away. Thank you to the Workforce and the OJT Team, Ms. Cleopatra, and Tiana.
Rob Pletsch- General Manager
Finding candidates at the beginning of the pandemic was difficult. People were scared and did not want to work. They would schedule interviews and not show up. At times they would reschedule and still would not show up. I reached out to the Will County Workforce Center for the On-the-Job Training team. I have been successful with the program in the past and needed help with my hiring needs.
The On-the-Job Training program brought us a quality candidate name, David Middleton. He told me about his non-violent conviction, and It didn’t matter to me. I needed people that wanted to work. I probably would never have found him on my own. He is dependable, hard-working, and an ideal employee. We have more growth opportunities coming up in the next 12 months, which we will reach out to the OJT Team for assistance again!
On-The-Job Training
On The Job Training (OJT) is available to Will County job seekers who are interested in expanding their skill set while earning income. OJT is available in a range of industries including Manufacturing, Healthcare, Information Technology and Transportation, Warehousing and Logistics. Learn while you get paid.

Join our Virtual Job Club Monday's at 11:00 am.

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Mobile Workforce Center

The Mobile Workforce Center travels throughout Will County offering a variety of services for job seekers, including computers with internet access for online applications & job searches, the ability to create/revise a competitive résumé and an online job board with listings from Will County businesses.

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Staff News
Will County employees receive new accreditation
Two Will County Workforce Services Division employees are among the first in the nation to receive the new Certified Digital Career Strategist credential. Lisa Borrelli and Pam Rodriguez earned the credential through Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches. The new certification focuses on using LinkedIn for job search purposes.

Will County Executive Jennifer Bertino-Tarrant, whose office oversees WSD, praised the two for their efforts. “LinkedIn has become an integral part of the job search. These two will now be able to use this training to give their customers an extra edge.” Rodriguez, a Career Planner with the agency, said, “We were actually part of the very first class.” The pair spent more than 15 hours in the live course offered via Zoom. They then had to pass a certification test. Rodriguez teaches a LinkedIn course at the Workforce Center of Will County. She says having a good LinkedIn account is like a “passive job search” always working for job seekers. Borrelli, also a Career Planner, said, “I have a 120 customer base that I do training with. One of the things I always ask is, ‘Do you have a LinkedIn account?’” Borrelli said LinkedIn has become an “essential” part of any job search. Rodriguez agreed. “It is more important that most people think.”

The Workforce Services Division of Will County, led by Administrator Susan Flessner, is part of the Workforce Center of Will County, 2400 Glenwood Ave. There is no cost to Will County residents for WSD services. All courses are currently being taught via Facebook Live. For additional information, go to