Vol. 1, No. 1  |  Spring 2016
April 7, 2016
TCP Launches the 'Workforce Development Collaborative'

Taney County Partnership is dedicated to strengthening our county's workforce. From recruiting and retaining talent, to collaborating to find innovative workforce solutions, the Partnership strives to support business and strengthen the local talent pool of workers to match the needs of local employers now and in the future.

In March 2016, TCP launched the Workforce Development Collaborative in an effort to begin deliberate dialogue with employers, educational institutions and member organizations. Our goal is to work together wi th these groups to  further define the skills gap and provide solutions to workforce development issues.

Additionally, the Partnership will release a monthly Workforce Collaborative Newsletter. The intent of this bulletin is to keep our partners informed of the issues, trends and progress in local and regional Workforce Development efforts in order to help our business community stay connected and succeed in a constantly changing marketplace. 

Looking forward to an exciting future!

Heather Hardinger
Programs and Communications Director, Taney County Partnership
Workforce Development Collaborative Meetings

TCP's Workforce Development Collaborative will meet the second Tuesday of each month at the Branson Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce at 8:00 a.m.  The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, April 12.

Our partners and members of the Taney County business community are encouraged to get involved in this Workforce Development Collaborative. We need business and HR representation at the table in order to meet the workforce needs of our community. Please  RSVP  in advance if you plan to attend or bring a guest.
Taney County saw its lowest unemployment rates since the recession with a * 5.0% unemployment rate for November 2015.  At *14.9%, the county's unemployment rate for January 2016 is  lower than it has been for any January during the past ten years, indicating a positive turn for the labor market.

Check out this month's Workforce Development Overview  and view 2005 - 2016 Unemployment Data .

 *Rates variable and subject to change
Programming Opportunities

Summer Jobs Youth Employment Program

The Summer Jobs program operated by the Missouri Job Center provides  work experience opportunities to students with little or no job history and partners them with local businesses in an effort to promote good work ethic and teach employment soft skills. The program is currently recruiting both businesses and youth participants and will run from May-October 2016.

State Parks Youth Corps

The Missouri State Parks Youth Corps challenges participants to "Think Outside" by accomplishing projects that help preserve and enhance Missouri's state park system. In addition to developing the critical leadership skills that will prepare them for success in future careers, the program will bolster an appreciation for the environment and "green" concepts that are an exciting part of Missouri's growing industries. Applications for the State Parks Youth Corps will be accepted beginning April 1. 

On-the-Job Training Programs

The Missouri Job Center offers  on-the-job training programs that c onnect employers with workers who possess a variety of skill sets from prior employment, education and proven work ethic.  

One worth  mentioning  is the Veterans OJT program that helps place newly returning veterans. Paperwork is minimal and a business can get reimbursed for up to 50 percent of the wages of workers hired through this program (up to 1,040 hours).  Work Ready Missouri is another program that assists businesses to train potential employees who are currently receiving unemployment benefits.

GO CAPS Teacher Externships

The teacher externship program was created in 2015 and designed to help promote the philosophy of the GO CAPS program and give area teachers experience with business and industry to bring back 'real world' skills to help their students. 

This year, GO CAPS is offering this program again July 25-28. They are seeking five to ten businesses in Branson and Reeds Spring who are willing to provide teachers with an inside look at their business or industry. Please contact the Partnership if you are interested in helping bring industry to life in our local schools.
2016 'Have Your Say' Employer Survey


In 2015, Taney County Partnership and the Branson Chamber of Commerce conducted a brief, comprehensive study of employer workforce characteristics and conditions. The research projects the county's workforce and educational attainment needs and the results have been used to align workforce development resources with economic development goals. 

A revised survey slated for May 2016 will be a revision to last year's workforce study, taking into account the changes in the economy and a newer look into the future job market in our region. 

Be on the lookout for a link to the 2016 Workforce Survey in next month's newsletter! You can download and view a copy of the 2015 survey results here.

CWRC Update

Taney County is working its way toward Certified Work Ready Community status. This achievement will indicate that Taney County has job candidates in the pipeline with high-demand skills proved by the National Career Readiness Certificate (ACT). It also shows that local employers care about hiring the best and brightest our region has to offer.

Currently, we have met requirements for obtaining employer recognition of the NCRC. Taney County is very close to reaching our goal for our Emerging student population and is looking for solutions to help us meet our testing numbers for our Transitioning, or unemployed individuals. 

Does your business support applicants with a National Career Readiness Certificate? Add your company to the list and take a comprehensive look at Taney County's progress towards CWRC attainment.
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