Teachers, Career Counselors, and local employers came together at Heartland Community College for a kick off meeting to develop career pathways for McLean County students. The teachers represented Unit 5, District 87, Olympia HS, and the BACC and were brought together for their expertise in agriculture, information technology and health sciences.

The teachers formed development teams responsible for developing a comprehensive career pathway in their area of expertise. Each of the career pathways must include career focused classes, two career exploration activities, two team based challenges, and 60 hours of paid or for credit career development experiences.

Representatives from local employers such as State Farm, GROWMARK, Microsoft, Normal Gadgets, and Advocate BroMenn from the three industries joined the group for a working lunch session to discuss employer needs and help advise the planning teams.
Funding was provided by a grant from the 60 x 25 Network and will be complete in November of 2019.