MARCH 2022
WDB has two new online resources available for businesses.

The Employer Resource & Special Populations Toolkit (left) and our Annual State of the Workforce Report (below) provide a comprehensive breakdown of resources, programs and support services available through WDB. The State of the Workforce Report also takes a closer look at the impact WDB is having on individuals, businesses and the community.

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Latest Labor Market Intelligence Report
Payrolls in County exceed pre-pandemic levels; 951,000 in January
San Bernardino County’s job market has surged past pre-pandemic levels, with payrolls over 950,000 for the third month in a row.The California Employment Development Department (EDD) said that despite a typical seasonal uptick in the county’s unemployment rate from December to January, payrolls in the country are now 13,000 above where they were in January 2020 – before the COVID-19 pandemic severely impacted the global economy.
Led by continued growth in the region’s supply chain industry and a resurgence in hospitality-related businesses, employers in San Bernardino County have now recovered all of the 130,000 jobs lost during the first two months of the COVID shutdown – plus some. Beginning in November, county payrolls have hovered about 950,000, according to a revised formula adopted by the state beginning with the January report.
The report also shows that the county’s labor pool has exceeded 1 million for the third month in a row, reaching a record 1,008,800 in January.
Bradley Gates is SB County’s new Director of Workforce Development
Bradley Gates has been appointed Director of the San Bernardino County Workforce Development Department (WDD), bringing more than 15 years of experience in workforce and economic development. Gates has served as Interim Director of the Department since October. Prior roles at WDD include Assistant Director, Deputy Director of Administration and Deputy Director of Business Services. He also has served as Economic Development Coordinator and Business Operations Director for the City of Ontario. “We’re fortunate to have someone of Brad’s experience, leadership and local knowledge direct our Workforce Development efforts during this exciting time for our region. San Bernardino County has emerged as one of the most robust population and employment centers in the U.S., and the role of WDD has never been greater,” said Board of Supervisors Chairman Curt Hagman. 
Message from the Chair
SoCal’s newest workforce hub? It’s right here in San Bernardino County
Phil Cothran, Chair
San Bernardino County WDB

Many of you have seen the numbers – the Inland Empire gained more than 30,000 households during the first year of the pandemic. Many of those migrated from Los Angeles and Orange counties, as the IE – and San Bernardino County – have become a growing destination for families and young professionals looking for a better quality of life. We’ve known that, and it’s great to see others joining in on what our communities have to offer.

For businesses, too, this is great news, as our labor pool grows in size and quality. Through our many partnerships across the region, WDB is committed to connecting employers with the employees they need to grow their businesses. We welcome the tens of thousands of new residents who are arriving every year and are helping to establish San Bernardino County as Southern California’s newest workforce hub.
Stat of the Month
My first job was at the Golden Arches, McDonald’s. I was so excited when I got the job. I think my hourly rate was $2.50. The one thing you learn quickly in the fast-food business is to be quick. I had to manage a cash register that didn’t have the kind of computerized capabilities you have today. I had to think on my feet and be ready on Saturday morning for local Little Leagues to order 30 or 40 hamburgers with fries. McDonald’s used to celebrate Ray Croc’s birthday. While Ray did not create McDonald’s – Richard and Maurice McDonald opened the original restaurant in San Bernardino – he was credited with its global expansion. I believe I ended the day with more icing on my uniform than was on the sheet cakes we had to cut. I avoid cutting cakes today! This job taught me a lot about customer service and how to greet people who were hungry or impatient. It was a great first job that taught me skills that I still use today! I will forever be grateful for the training and experience I received.
Transforming Lives through Employment
Recruiting a recruiter through the power of OJT

WDB is proud to partner with Cityway CEDC in helping individuals land the perfect job. As part of its nonprofit mission to promote and support community and economic development, Cityway provides employment training and placement, entrepreneurial support and community resources in inner cities around the world. So when the need arose recently for a recruiter at Cityway’s San Bernardino operations, the organization knew exactly where to turn to: WDB and its On-The-Job Training (OJT) program, which pays for up to 50% of a qualified employee's salary while training.

Through OJT, Cityway brought on April Gonzales (above, left), who, in her previous line of work, had used the same program to recruit workers. It has worked out extremely well – for both Cityway and April. “I’ve been familiar with OJT for years. It all fit into place when the job became available,” April says, adding that when she was 13, she dreamed of starting a foundation very similar to Cityway. “She has been a blessing – a great employee and a perfect fit for our organization,” said Joe Castro (above, right), Cityway’s Business Development Manager in San Bernardino.

For more on OJT and the Business Services offered by WDB, click here.
Coming up
WDB hosts free virtual seminars throughout the week to help job seekers on topics such as interviewing skills, resume building and navigating the employment resources available during the pandemic. If you know of anyone who could use this valuable assistance, a calendar of upcoming sessions is available here.

In the meantime, here are some upcoming events and release dates.

Friday, March 25: California EDD releases its February jobs report.

Friday, April 1: Bureau of Labor Statistics releases its March U.S. jobs report.
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