Whoa Nellie!
Whoa, Nellie! Don’t forget the fine points of “stopping” which have been clarified in the regulations too. Stopping your dog can keep them out of harm’s way, help adjust to a potentially tight spot, and is a critical skill to draft work. In a cart, a reliable stop or "Whoa" is extra important for the safety of the dog. No different than stopping when heeling, or stopping on a rally course, or stopping on a walk when you get to the street corner - it’s a skill you have built already a number of ways. For draft test purposes, please note this applies in all cases where a dog is directed to stop by either the handler or the judge, Per the regulations:  A stop is defined as the dog and handler will cease forward motion with the dog taking no more than three steps after the first command is given without a tight leash (if applicable) and without impeding the dog.
Training Spotlight
One of the more challenging components to draft work is teaching your dog (and you!) the art of making tight 90 degree turns. There are many different techniques to accomplish this skill -- this is just one way of looking at turns that may help you and your newfs to learn how to make turns like a Nascar driver!

Club Resources
Test committees! Please read these important updates on COVID plans for your fall and spring draft events. For event safety concerns, please submit your plans to the WDC prior to your test date. Plans should be included in premiums when practical to do so.

Water Work During COVID
Northland held its first water test since 1978 on August 22-23, 2020. We were nervous enough with it being so long from our last test and then COVID-19 made it even more interesting! With New York and the Northeast numbers being relatively good, we felt comfortable moving forward with our tests. We were in touch with other regional clubs in the area (NCNE and NewPenDel) along with the WDC to compare what each was doing.

Need help getting started with a working event? Check out these tools for Regional Clubs!
Judge's Corner
Judges, please take a minute to update your status records. We would love to know (and share with others!) your superpower seminar skills! So please let us know what seminars you are available for conducting for regional clubs. We will share that in our next issue.

Also updating your credentials with recent continuing education and assignments helps us keep the judging list accurate. 
Thanks to the members of the Working Dog Committee for sharing the great photos in this issue. If you would like to share photos of working dogs at work (and play), please send them in - we'd love to see them! Make sure you have permission from the photographer for us to use the photos for publication.