Tips for Keeping your Newfs Cool during Summer Events
Outdoor events (water training, outside summer dog shows) require special planning for the heat of summer. Here’s several things to collect to help you and your newf “chill” as you head to the great outdoors:
  • Bring a pop up tent, a clam shell tent, or shade for you and your pups! Above ground weights or stakes can be great too at a windy lake site.
  • Cool coat or cool mat for your dog. Or a large chamois dunked in a cooler of ice water can be used to lay on the bottom of the crate to help keep your pup cool
  • Crate fan/portable misting fan/travel A/C is great for keeping a newf cool while waiting
  • Shade cloths that allow air through but reflect the sun. Aluminet shades from Clean Run (www.cleanrun.com) can also cover your car
  • Pack a cooler with fresh water for your pet and for you! Keep hydrated!
  • Also make sure you are aware of the nearest emergency vet care services in case of emergency.  

Water Training Manual
Check out the original! First published in 1987, here is the NCA's Water Training Manual. Lot's of great advice and tips, as applicable to modern training as it was back in the good old days.

Water Proofing Our Newfoundlands by Ann Lapeyre
We "proof" our dogs for obedience; we should also "water proof" them. That's not to make them "impervious to water," but rather to "proof against distraction." Proofing means we make certain they can perform the exercises accurately in different locations with different distractions. We teach them to pay attention to the task at hand, irrespective of what's going on around them. READ MORE
New Summer Reading
Author Lynne Cox sat down with us for a chat about open water swimming, conditioning, and how she relates it to her time spent researching her book on the Italian School of Water Rescue.

This informative article written by Heidi Forrest, NCA judge, gives you a great overview on these invasive and potentially deadly weeds which are prevalent all over – many water training sites have them in the scrub grasses around lakes.  

Regional Club Test Committees
PLEASE NOTE: If your club wants to use the online entry system, premiums need to be sent to the WDC so we can upload test information for you. Please send them to:

• Heidi Peterson - receives water test premium lists for posting on website
• Karrie Cook - receives draft test premium lists for posting on website

(Their email addresses can be found in the NCA App!)  

Test Secretaries: 
We continue to work on the Online entry system to help you collect and save test information, produce forms, help with catalogs, and more. Please let us know how the system works for you and if you have questions.  
Even if your club is not accepting entries through the online system, the online system CAN HELP YOU produce test documents! Ask us how!
Please let us know what else
we can do to support you!
Need help getting started with a working event? Check out these tools for Regional Clubs!
Judge's Corner
Judges - we are developing a photo/info directory of all our judges for regional clubs to get to know judges outside their areas….. We have received a few photos and brief bios from some of you…. If you can please email the Working Dog Committee a photo along with answering these few questions, we will be able to complete this directory with you in it!  
           How long have you been in Newfoundlands?
What drew you to the Newfoundland breed?
How many Newfs do you have?
What activities do you do with your own dogs?
What made you want to become a judge?
What else do you want everyone to know about you? Limit 30 words

Please send these emails by July 4. The photo directory will be published to the website this summer, and we don’t want to leave anyone out!  
Thanks to the members of the Working Dog Committee for sharing the great photos in this issue. If you would like to share photos of working dogs at work (and play), please send them in - we'd love to see them! Make sure you have permission from the photographer for us to use the photos for publication.