"Working together." It's an ideal we hold high, but it's also as ordinary as occupying an office with a coworker. For staff on our campus it may mean visiting a client who just moved out of homelessness, or helping them apply to turn their water back on. Today we take more care - we wear masks and gloves, we meet over Zoom - but we still work together because otherwise we are more alone.

We've seen people stepping forward this year with beautiful gestures of humanity. Funders, agencies, concerned citizens, all see the challenges impeding our ability to work together and they say, "How can I help?". Companies like Bank of America have moved to ensure the pathways to connection and wellbeing stay open and secure (see below).

While we are remembering heroes who came before us this Black History Month, we are honored to follow the lead of the champions who have always believed we can and should work together towards a future of equity and equality.
Dr. Kameron P. Hodgens
Executive Director & CEO
1. Nonprofit Sustainability
Shapiro Grant
Last summer, with the pandemic in full force, UnidosNow used a grant from the Shapiro Memorial Fund to replace an obsolete laptop, and provided gas cards to parents driving to food distribution centers and delivering food to families that do not have transportation.

The Shapiro Memorial Grant was replenished in 2020 by donations from people like you during the Giving Challenge. The fund allows each of our tenant partners up to $1,000 in a given year for any mission-related expense they choose.
Andrea Lane
View from the Front Desk
Since October, Bank of America has been providing large quantities of face masks and hand sanitizer, which we've in turn distributed to our community.

To date, we have distributed 100,000 face masks, 7,500 gloves, and 800 bottles of hand sanitizer to over 25 different human service agencies and neighborhood organizations that need them!

They may just look like boxes, but they're going a long way for the health and safety of our community.
2. Campus Connection
Agency Spotlight
Remembering Mary Smith
In January, our campus family lost a wonderful person. We'll always remember Mary for her sunny outlook, her fierce passion for her work, and for the love she showed to her friends and family.

Her eulogy says it best: "Mary was a formidable force in the community who worked tirelessly on behalf of children with disabilities and their families. Her vision helped create FND Manasota and she was its heart and soul."

Mary, we will miss you.
GS Connects - Results Jumpstart
What is one thing standing in the way of achieving the greatest gains for those you serve? In January, the Results Jumpstart outlined an actionable approach for tenant partner frontline staff and program managers to accelerate achievement by solving a problem or overcoming that one thing standing in our way.

The program was led by Results 1st guides Hal Williams and Robyn Faucy-Washington and was sponsored by Gulf Coast Community Foundation.
3. Community Resources and Leadership
2/11 is National 211 Day!
It's never a bad time to celebrate this important program. As the community liaison to our local 211, we want you to know that you can call, text, chat or search for information and referrals to services you and/or loved ones may need.

For example, right now there are free VITA Tax Preparation services available near you. You can also use 211 to find help with utilities, food distribution, legal assistance, and more.

We're grateful to have 211 service available in our community. If you're unfamiliar, take a look at the website today. 211SuncoastCares.org
EFSP stands for Emergency Food and Shelter National Board Program, and is chaired by FEMA. The national board is charged with distributing funding to human service communities across the country.

Glasser/Schoenbaum is the local administrator for this board, helping to ensure that this vital funding reaches our community. Beginning in March, $141,000 will go to Local Recipient Organizations for shelter, rent, utilities and food needs, bolstering our community's funding sources during a difficult time.
Birds Eye View
Grant Gratitude
Words matter. Even so, sometimes they fail to properly convey a feeling.

In December, we were blessed with generous support from The Patterson Foundation, OPL Charities and The Schoenbaum Family Foundation.

We're humbled by their trust and belief in our mission to connect, support, and sustain a network of human services. We will continue to work hard to convey that trust into true collective impact for a stronger community.
18 human service nonprofits call Glasser/Schoenbaum home.

We ask you to help us connect, support, and sustain this neighborhood of nonprofits. Our hearts are with you.

In a year of twists and turns, the community looks to our human service network to provide stability and support. Our network relies on donors like you who believe in its value.

In lieu of a major fundraising event this year, we are appealing to you to help us reach our match goal of $25,000.

We are more than halfway to completing our goal!

Please donate today at a level that is meaningful to you.
These fellow believers have collaborated to match all gifts up to 
Jack D. and Jane Kidd
Mark and Gail Welch
Skip and Gail Sack
Sam and Norma Savin

Roger Capote and Antonio Pinho
Nick and Danielle Gladding
Drs. Bart and Kameron Hodgens
Bill and Debbie Partridge
Roy Truby and Golden Clifton
Bruce and Amy Zeitlin
Nick and Janet Zennario