Working Together
With over 1 million infected, 60,000 dead, and economies around the globe pushed to their limits, this virus is asking a lot of us. We will have to work together to subdue it and continue with diligence even after we wrestle it down. Each person plays a role in protecting themselves, those they love and care about, and their communities. Science and educators can provide information/answers, but we provide the follow through. The recommendations are social distancing (no more than 3 people), washing hands thoroughly and now wearing cloth masks when in public.

Traffic safety requires us to work together as well. Science and educators can tell us where the risk, and problems areas are. They make recommendations on how to reduce traffic injuries and deaths. It requires us be diligent in managing our risk to reduce loss of lives. Global travel has grounded to near zero, but local traffic seems to have increased. When hospitals have their hands full with addressing those with Covid-19, they do not need the extra burden of traffic injuries coming into an already busy hospital. Speeding, impairment, and distractions are leading causes of traffic collisions. So, as with the virus, we can all take some extra take steps to be safe and reduce traffic collisions.

Traffic safety habits to be more diligent about include wearing a seat belt (requiring everyone in the vehicle to wear one), keeping a space cushion around your vehicle, being aware of your surroundings, and turning off your cell phone, (putting it in the dash, or securely on a phone clip). If we all work together, we can push back the virus and reduce traffic injuries and death.
Monthly Special: SAVE BIG!
If you have a clean driving record with no tickets or claims for 3 years, you can complete a defensive driving course and save 10% on your insurance. The 6-hour course normally cost $95.00; however, for the month of April 2020, you can take this life saving course for an insurance reduction for only $20.00. Use discount code: Discount20.

Covid-19 Update:
While the public health risk is high, we have made some changes in our offerings. Our office is limited to phone, email, and if necessary, material pick up. If you need to pick up a replacement certificate or course material, we will make arrangements to do so electronically or by mail.

We are maintaining our current schedule of classes in virtual classrooms. We will be using Cisco WebEx as our meeting space. If you are interested in one of our virtual courses, review the Virtual Course Check Sheet and see which course and schedule meet your needs.

Driving lessons are currently on hold until the end of April. We will resume behind the wheel lessons as soon as we are allowed to begin normal operations. All pre-paid lessons will be completed on a first come first serve policy. Those that had lessons scheduled prior to March 20 or those that register prior to the end of April, will receive priority scheduling. Don't wait until to the summer to register for a driver's education course. If you work with us, we will put you at the top of the list to be scheduled.
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