Movement on League Bills - Fall Floor Session Begins

Both the Assembly and the Senate will be in session this week on Tuesday, September 28th.

The Senate calendar includes the confirmation of four Secretary/Chief Executive appointments in agencies that impact municipalities including:
  • Secretary designee Dawn Crim, as the Secretary of the Department of Safety and Professional Services,
  • Missy Hughes, as the as Chief Executive Officer of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation,
  • Secretary designee Randy Romanski, as Secretary of the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection, and
  • Secretary designee Craig Thompson, as Secretary of the Department of Transportation
All executive level appointments on the Senate calendar for Tuesday were voted out of committee on a unanimous, bipartisan vote.

The Senate will also vote on the following bills the League supported:
  • Senate Bill 488, Relating to: water supply service area plans for public water systems and
  • Senate Bill 489, Relating to: procedural changes for applications under the Clean Water Fund Program and the Safe Drinking Water Loan Program
*If passed these bills will be sent to the Assembly for action.

The Senate will also vote on the following League initiated or supported bills confirming Assembly action:
  • Assembly Bill 300, Relating to: deadlines for certain Public Service Commission actions after a water public utility application for certificate of authority or approval of lead service line financial assistance is filed
  • Assembly Bill 302, Relating to: meter installation or replacement projects by water utilities. 
  • Assembly Bill 376, Relating to: a statewide urban search and rescue task force, regional emergency response teams, and making an appropriation.
*If passed, these bills will be forwarded to the Governor for his action in the final step before becoming law.

The Assembly will take up AB 376 before it is sent over to the Senate for action.

First Responder of The Year Award

State Assembly offices are now accepting applications for the First Responder of the Year Awards. This program will recognize public servants in our police, fire and EMS departments. First Responder of the Year nominations can be sent to your state representative until Friday October 8, 2021. Find your representative here. A winner will be selected from each Assembly district and all of the statewide winners will be recognized during an October floor session as part of First Responders Appreciation Month. The Assembly is making it a priority to honor first responders who serve and protect our communities every single day. Individuals nominated can be a police officer or sheriff’s deputy, a firefighter or any level of EMS provider who is a paid or volunteer public servant. The nomination can be predicated on a variety of factors including a specific heroic action, a significant professional achievement, community work and/or length of service.

DOR Interactive Data Visualizations

The Department of Revenue's Research and Policy Division has worked hard to create Interactive Data Visualizations (vizs) that meet the needs of our municipalities and other stakeholders. The information is not only interesting, it is also helpful for your communities. Can’t find a viz that meets your needs? Email [email protected] with your suggestions for future visualizations. If DOR has the data, they can work to create and customize a visualization for your community!

DOR recently added a viz on Levy Limit Exceptions, summarizing the exceptions reported by Wisconsin municipalities and counties from 2010 through 2020. Visit to take a look.

2021 Wisconsin Tax Update Seminars

Registration is now open for the 2021 Wisconsin Tax Update Seminars and Webinars. Please visit DOR's website for details and to register.
This year, you can choose to attend meetings either in person or virtually through a webinar. The event is free, and will include:
  • Tax law changes, updates, and reminders
  • Tax processing, forms and e-file update
  • DOR Initiatives
  • Audit update
  • Collections update
  • My Tax Account update