Working for You and Our Children

It's been a little more than a month since I first filed to be the next Seminole County School Board member for District 4. As a first time candidate for office, I wondered how my friends and family would react, much less voters who have never met me or heard my name before this campaign.

I can not be happier and thankful for your support.

Our first month, we had more than 40 individual contributors to the campaign. The average contribution was less than $100 per person.

This is important as I'm working hard to build a grass-roots organization, one that brings the community together for our children.

Of course, I need your help. If you haven't contributed yet, please make sure to do so soon. Remember, for $25, I can place eight yard signs in yards. For $50, I can reach 100 more voters in the mail. For $100, I can call 1,000 voters.

If you would rather contribute your time, or both time and treasure, you can volunteer to help the campaign. Please send us your information. As we get closer, I'll need people to waive signs, knock on doors, call voters and stuff envelopes. There will be something for anyone who volunteers.

You can do all of that at my new website

I look forward to working with you over the next several months. Together, we can be victorious.
Campaign Highlights
In case you are not following my campaign Facebook page, I'd like to share a great experience.

I had the honor to meet one of the biggest trailblazers in Seminole County, Ingrid Nathan. In 1964, at the age of 14, she abolished segregation in our county and changed the face of education in our community.

I am truly inspired by her story.

Upcoming Events
This month, I went to dozens of community events to meet voters like you, such as the Republican Women's Club of Seminole County.

I'd love to join you at an event as well. Or, would love to just have coffee with you and your neighbors in your living room.

If you can host a small living room coffee, please let me know by replying to this email.

And, I look forward to announcing soon our first big campaign kickoff.
My Why
I'm running for the children of Seminole County, but especially the children closest to me, my three girls, Madison, Savannah and Delaney,

It's important, as parents, that we showcase to our children why we need to be involved, why we should work to make our community better.

A couple of weeks ago, they joined me at the Lake Mary-Heathrow Festival of the Arts. They love being on the campaign trail. Make sure you say "hi" to them when you see them!

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