Working out the kinks while working from home?

With companies implementing pandemic business continuity plans during this unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, many are realizing certain disadvantages to working remotely from home. Probably one of the biggest kinks to smooth remote operations is technology - especially in the mortgage industry where security concerns are paramount.

Enter Touchstone - a complete cloud-based document management system. If you have an internet connection, you can create documents such as LIEN RELEASES, ASSIGNMENTS and other related documents from your home office using our Document Creation module. And that is just one of the many modules available in this comprehensive web-based program. There are modules available that are designed to assist with managing and curing collateral file exceptions, recording and much, much more.

During these difficult times, we are ready to assist with simple solutions designed to make your life easier. Be safe, be well and know we are here to help!

Document Preparation
  • Assignments
  • Allonges
  • Lien Releases - Residential and Commercial
Collateral File Review
  • Exception Management 
  • Pre-Purchase Due Diligence
  • Sales and Acquisitions Tracking
  • File and Document Tracking
  • Manage Trailing Documents
  • Multi-Level Reporting

Record and Track
  • District Recording Fees & Requirements
  • Rejection Reporting & Tracking 
  • Document Recording Confirmation 
  • Cover Page Requirements 
  • Marginal Formatting 
  • Generate Recording Fee Checks or Report for Accounting 
  • Proof Third Party Documents  

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