Working outdoors has countless benefits! It can improve your mood, prevent fatigue and increase productivity overall! Now especially, given our new normal, working outdoors can help keep you and your employees safe (when paired with safe physical distancing practices). We want to share some of our favorite outdoor picks with you! With impeccable quality and sophisticated design this is outdoor furniture for the long haul. 
GO Tables by Landscape Forms. Equipped with LED lighting, a display mount and a charger/power box powered by Solar Power, this table is not only perfect for the outdoors, but also designed with environmental responsibility. GO is an appealing and sleek approach to outdoor workplace furniture; it provides the ideal surface for writing and rounded edges for comfort. We love products that align with our Be. Green. Philosophy.
The Ginkgo Wire Chair by Davis. This lightweight, sophisticated & uniquely designed chair is perfect for the outdoors! Its solid steel rod construction is meticulously welded for a beautiful finish. Use it as a lounge, bar or multi-use chair both outdoors and indoors. Oh, and we’re super into the complementary family of tables!
Tables by Parcel. This is a simply designed table that is highly versatile. Mix and match Chairs, Milk Stools, and Benches for seating. This product is also highly customizable with 5 base color options and 5 wood tints, there are 25 combinations to choose from.
Milk Stools by Parcel. Simple and sophisticated design. Use as a stool or as a small table to compliment the arm chair.

Arm Chairs by Parcel. Made from the same materials and finishes as all of Parcel's products. Stacks four high. Let the bright colors bring a new energy to your outdoor space!

High Top Tables by Parcel. Offered with a two plank top for single sided-use, or with a three plank top so you can gather face to face. The standard lengths are 72" and 96" but these dimensions can also be customized.

Arm Stool by Parcel. You can alternate between sitting and standing with the high top table. These arm stools provide the perfect sitting solution for the high top table.
Picnic Tables by Parcel. A classic, sophisticated, beautifully cut picnic table to compliment any outdoor space! This classic concept is available in 72” and 96” lengths, but other variations can be ganged together in linear or 120° configurations for much longer runs that include ways to integrate wheelchair access.

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