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Best of 2017 Photos Vol. 1
Click on photo to see a year-end review of a small percentage of the exciting year of music and frivolity that was 2017, as seen in images from Texas Polka News Staff. This album is the first six months of 2017. Thank you to those who see our work every week.

Best of 2017 Photos Vol. 2
Click on photo to see the year in review by photographers Gary E. McKee, Lauren Haase, Joe Cool Pavlicek, Earline Berger Okruhlik, Karen Williams Kurtz, Julie Matus, Justin Everett, Bill Bishop, Mark Hiebert, and Theresa Parker
Best of 2017 Photos Vol. 3

A New Year's resolution is something that goes in one year and out the other. 

Keep the smile. Leave the tears. Hold the laugh. Leave the pain. Think of joy. Forget the fear. Be joyous, cause it's a New Year. 

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