November 7, 2017 

Inspirational Conversations From Judy's Back Porch #3 

Do all dogs have the same structure? No. But if you focus on improving just a few key areas on the majority of pet dogs coming into your salon, you can make a big difference. Will the owners know what you've done? Probably not. For those who know proper structure and groom to it, your dogs will simply LOOK better.
Judy walks you through a few of the basic ways to improve the structure of a few common faults. She shares some of her favorite resources to learn how to take basic pet grooming to the next level.

From the Archives!  
What Do You Do With a Wire Coated Doodle?

How many of your have been faced with a Doodle type dog with a wiry coat? In this video lesson, hand stripping expert, Jennifer Hecker, shows you some great styling options. This dog has a coat similar to a Bouvier des Flandres. It has not been groomed in about five months. The end result is a tidied up rough coated dog. The look is natural and appealing. 

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