We continue to work and adjust our procedures to comply with both the Oregon Governor's   Stay Home Stay Healthy order , and the Washington Governor's 2- week 'Stay at Home' order.  We have worked diligently to ensure we are in compliant with these orders. We have also been working closely with the Oregon Landscape Contractors Association (OLCA) and the National Associaton of Landscape Contractors (NALP) to ensure we as well as our brethren understand these orders.  NALP worked with Christopher C. Krebs, Director of Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) to clarify that landscaping is specifically designated as an Essential Service: CISA Guidance on the Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce.  

Hopefully our industry and other property service industries can be as diligent as Team Orange in complying with the orders while continuing to maintain your landscape assets. We have been in communication with many other property service vendors and shared our policies and procedures with them as well as with OLCA to share with other members.  
Our policies outlined below will be updated as new government regulations are put into place and we work diligently to make sure that we're doing all to comply with the law and provide the greatest protection possible.
Pacific Landscape Management COVID-19 safety policy
(updated 3/27/20) 
As president, Bob Grover is acting as our Social Distancing Officer.  All managers act to enforce the policy below.

I.  All employees to maintain 6' Social Distancing at all times 
a.  We have cancelled all group meetings, training, and huddles.
b.  All employees to maintain a minimum 6' separation AT ALL TIMES.
c.  Only one person per vehicle in standard trucks and no shared vehicles.
d.  4 door trucks tarped between front and back and between back seats to allow 2-3 in separate airspaces.
e.  Crew member with driver's licenses and insurance to drive to jobsites alone with signed agreement.
f.  Employees encouraged to maintain social separation at home and minimize contact with others outside of immediate family and those they are living with until state order is lifted.

  II.  Enforce hygiene and sanitation by all employees:
a.   All employees required to follow personal hygiene protocol:
  1. Wash stations have been set up and employees will wash hands when arriving and departing 
  2. Employees instructed to bring water jugs and we provide hand soap in trucks for use in field
  3. Employees cover their noses and mouths with a tissue or sleeve when coughing or sneezing
b.   All employees required to follow the facility and tool sanitation protocol:

1. Sterilizing cleaning commonly used surfaces with cleaning agents or disposable wipe.
2.Crews sterilize clean daily steering wheels, dashboards, door handles, and other truck surfaces.
3.Office personnel to sterilize clean daily commonly touched surfaces.
4.Janitorial service will be instructed to sterilize clean all frequently touched surfaces
III.  All office personnel to work from home
a.  All office personnel and managers to work form home or their vehicles if at all possible.
b.  When in office, all personnel to maintain 6' social distancing and clean shared space surfaces after use.
c.  No offices may be shared and no entering others offices to maintain minimum 6' separation.
d.  Managers to scan documents to admin at home to allow minimal traveling to the office.
e.  Office staff to document when they come into offices and what they did and where they were.

IV.  Employees who appear sick will be sent home:
a.   Employees encouraged to stay home if sick.
b.  Employees who appear to have COVID-19 symptoms (i.e. cough, shortness of breath, or temperature of 100.4°) will be evaluated to potentially sent home immediately.
c.  Employees sent home are encouraged to seek medical guidance.
d.  Sick Employees will be evaluated to potentially to stay home one week or longer.
e.  Employees will be allowed to use up to 40 hours unaccrued personal time off if home sick.

V.  Quarantine any employee who is, or who's immediate family is, diagnosed with COVID-19
a.  An employee is entitled to take up to 80 hrs. leave if the employee is unable to work, including unable to telework, related to COVID-19 according to the Families First Coronavirus Response Act:
1. If subject to a Federal, State, or local quarantine or isolation order related to COVID-19;
2. If has been advised by a health care provider to self-quarantine related to COVID-19;
3. If is experiencing COVID-19 symptoms but only if seeking a medical diagnosis;
4. If is caring for an individual subject to an order described in 1 or 2 above.
5. If caring for his or her child whose school or place of care is closed due to COVID-19.
    i.  If an employee is eligible for #5, up to an additional 10 weeks more partially paid leave may be available under the expanded Family and Medical Leave Act.

Monitoring and Following OHA and CDC Guidance for Businesses:

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