Maine Women's Fund and Wabanaki Public Health

Working together to advance gender and racial justice.

"We understand those closest to the issues are the ones best equipped to find and implement solutions, so it is essential to put resources in the hands of Native women and communities."
- Kimberly Crichton, Executive Director,
Maine Women's Fund

We’re Connecting. At this pivotal time when economic mobility is essential to surviving the financial uncertainties resulting from the COVID-19 crisis, especially among Indigenous, Black, Latinx and immigrant women, we're pleased to partner with Wabanaki Public Health to launch the Wabanaki Women's Economic Mobility Hub.

We’re Building. The Wabanaki Women's Economic Mobility Hub's goals are to create a deeper understanding of the barriers to economic mobility and security for Wabanaki women and to develop strategies to overcome those barriers.

Why is this Important? The education, economic, housing and health disparities experienced by women and girls of color and Native communities in Maine are generational. These inequities have been further reinforced by the increasing COVID crisis, the compounding effects of which will likely continue to be felt for generations to come. Even before the pandemic, Native communities in Maine experienced unemployment rates four to five times higher than non-Native communities and the situation has only worsened.

We Invest, thanks to you. We're collaborating with Wabanaki Public Health, an organization that has been leading on the frontlines of the COVID-19 crisis to identify and serve the needs and interests of Indigenous women and families and their communities, as part of a nationwide initiative of ten hubs supported by the Women's Funding Network.