Newsletter Issue 76 • March 2019
Working with Businesses to Transform Development
From advanced seeds to food processing, our work benefits from the expertise and ingenuity of the global business community. The private sector’s creativity and entrepreneurship are critical to solving problems like hunger, poverty and malnutrition and building progress that lasts. 

Feed the Future works with leaders in both the public and private sectors to bring together their unique capabilities and collaboratively address challenges that neither could take on alone. The result: Partnerships that further business goals while also furthering development goals.

We continue to look for new and innovative ways of working with private sector partners and fostering market-based development in rural communities. Read on to see how Feed the Future is using enterprise-driven solutions to transform lives and economies. 
Feed the Future in Action
Affiong Williams, an entrepreneur in Nigeria, wanted to contribute to her country’s economic growth by creating jobs. She believed it was time to change the narrative on women-led businesses, and saw agriculture as the engine of growth to create opportunities for Nigerians. Watch how she started a business to do just that.
Feed the Future is leveraging radio stations in Mozambique to reach smallholder farmers and strengthen agricultural markets.
With support from American business volunteers, Pauline Kamau is growing her maize processing business to meet market demand in Kenya. 
Learn how one rural retailer in Bangladesh enhanced his knowledge to better support farmers.
After years of learning the seed business from his mentor, this farmer was ready to succeed on his own.
Read how a new U.S. International Development Finance Corporation will help bring more private capital to the developing world.
Feed the Future partners with five new companies to make innovative technologies available to smallholder farmers around the world.
The future of development is enterprise-driven. USAID’s new private sector engagement policy highlights our deepening collaborations. 
Feed the Future finds effective
policy solutions to food security challenges that build a strong environment for business
investment and growth.
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Photo Credits: Cover Photo – [Melissa Cooperman, IFPRI]
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