Working with Couples:Jericho
Saturday, May 22, 2021

Via Zoom

Earn 4 CEU's
ACAP's 4th Annual Theater Conference

This conference opens with comments about how attachment styles impact a couple's ability to have a healthy, satisfying relationship, followed by a play read by professional actors. This conference will explore how couples develop and maintain an attachment. Topics will include how couples maintain intimacy over the lifespan, conflicts including secrets, lying and affairs, patterns of commitment, sex, childrearing, blended families, empty nesting, end of life issues and the continuous requirements for change that naturally develop over the lifecycle. When couples make their way to the consultation room, how can the therapist intervene? The play demonstrates the challenges of intimacy and how the past can impact connection in the present. The play is followed by a discussion groups.
Course objectives. 
  • Participants will classify attachment styles seen in adults
  • Participants will describe the common social problems experienced in couples and families as a result of attachment problems
  •  Participants will recount the communication patterns of couples that cause conflict and identify treatment interventions that can improve communication
The play is provided by the New Normal Rep

Play Synopsis:
Several years after tragedy impacted their lives, a family comes together once again for Thanksgiving dinner. While family members struggle to come to terms with residual anger, grief and guilt, Jack Canfora's thought-provoking play explores how people cope with personal and collective catastrophe. Displaying surprising humor and biting wit, this Jericho, Long Island clan exposes their desperate strategies for resolution and redemption.

Written by Jack Canfora
Directed by Marsha Mason
Jericho stars
C.K. Allen, Jill Eikenberry, Eleanor Handley, Jason O'Connell, Michael Satow, & Carol Todd
Presenters from ACAP Faculty: Patricia Bratt, Demetria DeLia, Vicki Semel, Annette Vaccaro
Annette Vaccaro, Conference Chairperson

This course, Working with Couples, Approval #202312-1324, provided by Academy of Clinical and Applied Psychoanalysis is approved for continuing education by the New Jersey Social Work Continuing Education Approval Collaborative, which is administered by NASW-NJ. CE Approval Collaborative Approval Period: Monday, February 1, 2021 through August 31, 2022. New Jersey social workers will receive 4 Clinical CE credits for participating in this course.