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February 2020
We Move Our Past Experiences Forward in Present Moments
We are now in the second month of a new decade! As we find ourselves solidifying goals and looking to the future, may we stay grounded in the knowledge that our forward growth is dependent upon unwinding past experiences in present moments. One of the great difficulties of personal change is learning to use present feelings, like the stuck sense of a situation (felt sense), and trace them back to their earlier roots. Accordingly, helping clients re-experience uncomfortable memory places safely is a key aspect of facilitating the change they so desire. As we take a look at such memory places, in ourselves and others, one thing we may find is that what we’re holding extends beyond the edges of our own autonomous experience.  
Read on as I talk about intergenerational and vicarious trauma, including a clinical example  AND a tool I’d like to share with you! 
Experience Focusing for Yourself: A Free Webinar Saturday March 28th, 9-10am  

This is an opportunity to try out Focusing and get your questions answered! 

Register via email to: . More training program information can be found on  my website .
Focusing-Oriented Therapy: Learning How the Body Speaks and Listening so It Heals  

Two Options :
Shoreline: April 23rd and 24th, or
Vashon: June 27th and 28th
Cost : $345.00 
This is where it all begins! Start the journey with me by registering for one of my Level 1 Focusing classes. Details  here
Unwinding the Habitual: Present Moment Practices for Change
A day of embodiment and renewal through present moment practices that are interwoven to allow a deep dive into how you find yourself “now.” We will combine Focusing, movement, yoga and meditation practices designed to unwind and transform stuck patterns of living. 
Details here .
Date : May 29th 2020, 9am-4:30pm 
Place : Vashon 
Cost : $165.00 if registered by April first, $195 thereafter 
Register via email :
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