Working with other Brass Dealers,
Hobby Shops and Online Sellers
Hi Everyone—

In case you weren't aware of it, we thought you'd like to know that we do work with other brass dealers, hobby shops, and online sellers—to help solve problems for THEIR clients. Here's a great example of how that works—and how another shop's client ultimately became our client too.

A few days ago a potential customer wanted to buy a brass model locomotive being sold in the online store of another retailer. That exact model is shown in our top photo. It's an HO scale brass Overland Models Southern Railway SD24 in beautiful like-new condition with a perfect factory paint job. The seller told this potential buyer that there was some drive line noise when the model was running on track. This always indicates an adjustment or minor repair might be needed; if not a more serious repair.

But having worked with us many times before, the seller referred his potential new client to us. We chatted with him on the phone about the symptoms of the problem. Narrowed it down to 3-4 things, then explained diagnosis and repair options. Assured the operational issues could be remedied, that potential client became a buyer, and had the model shipped directly to us. This lovely SRR SD24 arrived at our shop where we inspected it, tested it, and disassembled it. Within a few hours it was repaired to a factory new condition. The model is shipping back to the client today. OUR NEW CLIENT was so delighted with the outcome that he planned to buy from that same dealer another model with a similar problem, so that we could repair that one too.

This kind of Win-Win-Win situation comes from:

1) Sellers being up-front about operational or cosmetic issues with the models they are selling so that clients know about it in advance of receiving the model;

2) Buyers understanding that no matter how beautiful a model might look on the outside, there's always a chance that something on the inside needs adjustments, repairs, or even replacement of certain parts;

3) Sellers and buyers understanding that when critical repairs are necessary, our shop is an excellent choice to help make the sale happen and to help make the client happy by performing proper repairs using professional processes.

We are proud to operate our facility with unmatched Overland Models Green Box Expertise.

What does that mean?

It means that when it comes to diagnosing diesel drive problems, making adjustments, and performing repairs—we do it as good or better than the original factory build. Working as Overland's Research Specialist, we designed and redesigned many of these diesel drive systems. We worked in the brass model factories where these models were made originally. And we've repaired hundreds of these models over the years. Our industry-leading understanding of the inner workings of anything Overland Models is likely second to none.

With so many different diesel drive designs, there really aren't any one-size-fits-all kind of repairs to make. Each model has to be viewed as an individual project with its own unique issues to find; then resolve. Each and every run of brass models has its own unique cautions too. That is, things to really watch out for. Especially those parts of the model that must be handled a certain way to not make the situation worse.

Indeed, every model on the secondary market has enjoyed a very different journey to get from when and where it was built, to that time today or in the future when any of us decides to buy a brass model from a seller. Some models can still be quite new in their original boxes. Some others are often used a bit. While many other models have been used heavily, resulting in operating problems, bent and broken parts from excessive handling, or shipping damage stemming from ineffective packing efforts.

In any event, if there are issues with your model, you will have questions:

— Can the issues be resolved?

— How can the issues be resolved?

— Is it something I can do myself?

— What are my best options?

— What might it cost?

— How long will it take to effect repairs?

That's where we come in.

If you're on the fence about buying a brass model from another dealer—or want to know if something can be repaired before you buy it—we are always happy to talk to you (or them) about it.

If you're worried about a seller not knowing how to properly pack and ship the model you're about to buy, then please send them our free PDF on the topic: Safer Shipping of Brass Locomotive Models. It's about how any of us can take proper precautions BEFORE packing and shipping a brass model locomotive being sold. It's also about what can happen if we don't take these same precautions. We encourage you to forward our free PDF or this entire e-newsletter to help better-educate sellers who might not know the dangers of ineffective packing methods. Education of—and action by the seller/shipper—can be the key to receiving your new model purchase free of shipping damage.

When you're in need—we do prefer to be contacted by PHONE or EMAIL to get started. We can cover a lot of ground quickly over the phone. And email is the best way for us to receive and keep track of your thoughtful description of potential repair issues, along with your attached JPEG images showing the exact model you have there needing adjustments or repairs. That is how we begin.

Thanks for looking today. Cheers!

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