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Tour partner Jeremy here from LPS. I'm so excited that golf is back! But in the short week that golf has been back, I've been hearing people complain about soreness and back issues. 

Are you aware that most golfers' pain and injuries come from the lack of strength, mobility, and impact of forces (chunking the ball, etc.)? 

Because like most of us, you probably have been staying in due to COVID, which adds on to the stiffness and the loss of strength.

What if I told you that you can fix the majority of the issues above with just training 3 times a week for less than 45 mins, any day & time of the week, at the comfort of your own home without the need of weights.

And what if I told you that, you can do it completely risk-free, $0 if you don't feel results.

Any decent trainer can make you sweat, sore and fatigue. That's easy stuff. But not many can make you better. 

Bodyweight exercises programmed and done properly is the base of that foundation of strength and speed that WILL make you better in life, and in golf. 

Look at Hershel Walker, pro football player, MMA fighter, competitive sprinter, accomplished most of what he's done off the foundation of bodyweight exercises.

Regardless if you are a new or a veteran in fitness, you will get: 
  • On-going bodyweight program designed by certified coaches ($150 Value) 
  • Community chat support with certified coaches ($1500 in value)  
  • Access to the community of athletes (Priceless) 
  • Learning modules to unfair training methodologies (Priceless)  
  • An mobile phone app that tracks all of your data and keeps you accountable. 
All of the above for only $1 per workout

You can get it here: 

As a bonus, if you sign up before June 1st and enter the tour promo code: GTAAT -- you will get additional 50% off your first month.

I'm so confident about this program that I am making it risk-free for you:

If you commit to the program, trust the process, put in your data, communicate with our certified coaches, and don't see the results or like it within 21 days, e-mail me below or reply to this email, and I'll refund you 100%.

Jeremy Choi
CEO & Coach, LPS Athletic Centre

Phone: 416 720 7677
Website: https://lps.fit
Instagram: @LPSAthletic


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