5 Steps to a Positive, Supportive Work Culture
The global pandemic has sent a lot of employees home, but that doesn’t mean people aren’t working hard. Business has kept carrying on, and employees are toughing it out.

But working through a pandemic is extremely draining, and your staff needs a supportive work culture now more than ever.

If employers want to boost morale, productivity and engagement, they’ll have to steer everyone in the right direction. Here's how to do that:

Fair compensation. Offering competitive pay is a given, but employers have to go even further. Make sure employees know what goals they’re supposed to reach to receive raises and bonuses.
Effective communication. Since you’re not seeing your staff every day, it’s crucial to master digital communication. Not only that, but it’s better to err on the side of over-communication rather than under.
Transparency. Now isn’t the time to skirt the truth. If the pandemic is negatively affecting the business, be up front with your employees about it. Even if the news is bad, they’ll appreciate the honesty.
Team-building fun. Things might be stressful right now, but fun is still important. A few fun team-building initiatives could be having an interesting guest speaker at your next meeting or delivering beverages to your employees for a Friday happy hour.
Respectful debates. Supportive culture isn’t just about everyone agreeing with each other. Having healthy debates and productive disagreements will help, not harm, team-building.

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