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Every field crew member should consider extension cord safety. Drew Venesky, a journeyman, gives insight on a safety tip. Proper extension cord use can extend its life span. Using it safely will ensure everyone on the job site is kept out of harm's way. Watch here>>>

Historically, the construction industry has largely been a male-dominated field. In fact, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, women currently account for just 10.3% of those employed within the sector—a statistic that has been relatively steady...Read More>>>

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Improving Project Effectiveness with Tammy Chiesa 

Project management requires understanding and continuous improvement efforts toward true project efficiency. Newly promoted Project Manager, Tammy Chiesa, has been imperative to navigating more efficient processes to effectively manage projects and communicate with our partners. Over the past seven years, Tammy has championed opportunities for Shannon Construction to grow by identifying methods and software to streamline processes. “We spent too much time searching between software to find what we needed, which was cumbersome but also often doubled our work”.

Approximately three years ago Shannon Construction implemented Procore, a software that allows us to connect with our clients and subcontractors throughout the construction process. This program has allowed us to polish existing processes and streamline practices that created extra, unnecessary steps. A few of the more significant efficiencies created by Procore include communicating with everyone on the project, streamlining submittals, issuing commitments and purchase orders, any revisions are uploaded immediately, ability to upload progress photos, and punchlists can be noted on drawings. Before Procore, all of these tasks had to be completed using five or more software programs.
Project Spotlight: Atlantic Engineering Services
Project Manager: Mary Haffner
Project Foreman: Jamie Romano

Atlantic Engineering Services, AES, located at 11 Stanwix Street on the 1st Floor was recently completed this past month. Shannon Construction fitted out the 4,347 SF building auditorium space that overlooks buildings patio grounds and a view of Station Square.

The project buildout included demolition of the existing space. New office spaces and huddle rooms were constructed with an open collaboration are, a new café, and coffee bar. The reception lobby was designed as an open ceiling concept with decorative pendant light fixtures and baffle lighting.

The workstations are an open office concept with acoustic ceilings. Millwork was installed in the café, at the coffee bar, and copy area. Restrooms were installed with new wall and floor tile, along with new plumbing fixtures.
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