Workplace Safety & Prevention Services
Dear Member,

CAMA is pleased to offer you access to the following videos regarding safe practices for returning to work amid COVID-19.
Smart, Safe and Supportive
A two-minute animated video targeting employers. The video focuses on five key considerations for returning to work:
  • Preparing the physical space (e.g. physical distancing, sanitation/cleaning)
  • Adjusting work practices (e.g. smart scheduling, hand washing/hygiene practices)
  • Addressing employee needs (e.g. flexible work schedules)
  • Protecting/supporting employee mental health
  • Providing re-entry training on the new “normal”

Mask Safety Basics
  • A one minute animated video educating people on the World Health Organization’s protocol for donning, wearing and doffing non-medical face masks.

Food Processing
  • A three to four minute video using industry footage, which focuses on compliance solutions for the meat processing industry; reinforcing different ways they can protect their workers and other contacts, from COVID-19.
Stay safe and healthy,
Marie Saint-Ivany
Executive Director
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