Are You Gritty? Why Employees with grit are taking over the workplace. GRIT. Do you have it? Maybe it’s a characteristic you’re proud to have. Or maybe you’ve never put much thought into it. Either way, the concept of grit has been gaining attention as the potential link to individual success.

LifeSpeak On Demand:
Strategies for Building an Optimistic Mindset
How to build and maintain resilience in the face of every day stresses and experiences

LifeSpeak Ask The Expert:
Managing family demands: raising kids and caring for others
Alyson Schafer
Parenting Expert and Author

12:00PM CST
February 13th
Building Good Credit and Improving Your Credit Score
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F ocusbooster
This app teaches a technique which alternates 25-minute long working blocks with short breaks in order to maintain sustainable, long-term productivity. It helps you keep yourself focused while reducing mental exhaustion. .
Each week you receive a report of how you spend your time via the internet – which sites you browse, how frequently and for how long. You can also set personal productivity goals, and see your progress in your dashboard, in your weekly report or the goals report section.
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