FMLink Weekly News Digest I May 23, 2023
Global worktech provider Eptura recently unveiled the first edition of its quarterly Workplace Index report documenting macro trends across workspaces around the globe using proprietary data. Key findings in the report reveal a global wave of workplace returns.

The workspace returns are led by the Asia Pacific market, including a worldwide 495% increase in collaborative room bookings since January 2022, 76% increase in room booking check-in rate, 35% increase in visitor check-ins, and 3% increase in site inspections.

"Data from Eptura’s Workplace Index report demonstrates that space planning, workplace experience, visitor management and asset maintenance are all inextricably linked," said Brandon Holden, CEO of Eptura. "By taking a comprehensive look at the different facets of the modern working arrangement, businesses can gain a deeper understanding of how the world at work is responding to the needs of their workforce and make more informed decisions about the future of their assets.

NFMT Baltimore in March 2023 captured 25 FM education sessions on video and is making access to the full-length videos. FMLink is featuring seven sessions below and will add more sessions online every few weeks. All videos qualify for one hour of continuing education credits.

Session videos available:

Facilities management (FM), which includes commercial cleaning, constitutes more than emptying a wastebasket nightly. The benefits go beyond anything we can see at first glance (although a just-cleaned office is easier to work in than a filthy one). Your FM and janitorial company are protecting you from many issues that could lead to lost profits, personnel issues, and a tarnished reputation.

If your facilities management company isn’t protecting you from these specific issues, it might be time to make a change:
  1. Your talent pool running dry‍
  2. Maintaining regulatory compliance and a favorable brand image
  3. Outbreaks of illness‍
  4. Increasing insurance rates
  5. Increasing downtime and losing profitability‍

The OpenWorks difference
OpenWorks offers coast-to-coast commercial cleaning and facilities management services that will keep your warehouse and fulfillment center working safely and fully operational. Trusted by brands like General Mills and Pepsi, OpenWorks ensures each member of its proven network of service providers understands the importance of quality cleaning and careful maintenance and repair of your facilities. Click here to learn more and to get your OpenWorks estimate.

ABM, one of the nation’s largest providers of facility services, infrastructure solutions and parking management, has announced its plan to centralize its eMobility/EV, power resiliency and electrical infrastructure operations, services and training through an expanded multiuse facility. Officially named the ABM Electrification Center, the new facility will be co-located in Cumming, Georgia, with the existing operations center of ABM’s RavenVolt, a provider of advanced turn-key microgrid systems and technologies.

Supporting a multitude of industries, ABM, which has installed close to 30,000 electric vehicle (EV) charging stations to date, serves as a single-source solution provider across the entire EV ecosystem, offering comprehensive engineering, design, installation and maintenance services, and is one of the nation’s largest installers of EV charging stations.

The Book of the Week from FMLink's new Books section is from the ADA and Accessibility category. This collection of peer-reviewed books has been curated by the editorial team at FMLink to provide facilities, engineering and A&D professionals with access to publications relating to the ADA and Accessibility topic.

This book contains the full text of the 2004 ADA and ABA guidelines, organized and presented in an easy-to-use format with an extended index and enhanced illustrations. What's more, you'll find all similar subjects contained in the same chapter, with cross-references to all relevant guidelines, and special advisories to enhance your understanding of the guidelines and their practical application.

Introducing the latest addition to the Ocean Master Collection of elegant, robust outdoor parasols: the MEGA MAX Classic, from Miami-based designer of outdoor shade structures Tuuci, distributed by high-design site furniture and lighting manufacturer Landscape Forms.

The MEGA MAX Classic is the largest parasol yet to join the Landscape Forms offering, with sizes ranging from 16 to 24 feet. Engineered to withstand wind gusts up to 75 mph, the MEGA MAX defines a new strength and scale for a parasol and offers new possibilities in designing sheltered outdoor space. Well suited for corporate and education campuses, resort and hospitality settings, multifamily residential settings, and outdoor dining destinations, MEGA MAX’s expansive size and ability to shelter multiple tables or lounge areas offers an experience more akin to an outdoor room, with greater flexibility.

The commercial and industrial sectors account for nearly half of the total U.S. energy consumption. To help these sectors reduce their energy intensity, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) designed the Better Buildings, Better Plants Initiative. Through this initiative, more than 900 industrial, commercial, public and residential organizations commit to long-term sustainability goals and share their proven energy efficiency strategies, which inspire others to tap into the continued potential for energy efficiency. Collectively, these organizations have saved 2.5 quadrillion BTUs of energy, equivalent to US$15.3 billion, and 155 million metric tons of carbon dioxide. Within the initiative, the Better Plants side of the program focuses specifically on the industrial sector.

More than 270 industrial partners have taken advantage of the unique selection of resources offered including workforce development programs, information sharing, peer-to-peer networking, diagnostic tool loans and software tools. One of the most powerful tools offered is a revitalization of the legacy DOE software tools used by industry for decades. These have been transformed into a new, free, open-source software tool suite: MEASUR (Manufacturing Energy Assessment Software for Utility Reduction).

The architect Louis Sullivan wrote “form ever follows function.” Performance flooring provider Ecore agrees. “Function” drives the “form” that each of our surfaces takes. The thickness, density, and format of a floor is very important and should be influenced by the application in which it is intended to be installed.

The ability to minutely tweak and adjust the form of our products gives Ecore a unique ability to create surfaces that address specific performance attributes. Perhaps the most relevant to the general population is what the company calls “everyday ergonomics”. In a world where people are using fitness wearables to track steps, activity, and health goals, why are we still walking around on polished concrete in large retail stores and brittle carpet tiles in the workplace?

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