Give yourself and your horse the gift of connection.

Workshop Date:  
 August 5 2016
9 am - 5 pm

$175 mounted
$100 participant


Lauren Harmon
 is a 
Certified Advanced Rolferâ„¢
who dedicates her work to helping people and animals feel more connected in their being through integrative manual therapy, body awareness and movement. Horses have been part of her life since she was a little girl and have continued to be a powerful presence for her. She has a background in show jumping and equine rehabilitation. This, combined with her work as a Rolfer, allows her to help the horse and rider develop better communication and awareness of how to move together with ease.

Sarah Barnes has ridden most of her life and currently competes in dressage and eventing.  As an instructor, she combines a thorough knowledge of human and equine biomechanics with a focus on approaching riding as a meditative art, involving mind, body and spirit.  Sarah encourages her students to develop a true partnership with their horses.  She has worked extensively with master teachers including James Shaw and Eric Smiley, and participated in the USDF instructor certification program and "L" judges' training program, as well as studying meditation through the Shambhala Center.  Sarah holds a Ph.D. from Northwestern University and spent many years as a university professor before turning full time to riding and teaching.  She is the founder of Anam Cara Equestrian.
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Ride Mindfully and Body in Harmony 

Ride in Harmony

 A unique one-day workshop combining heart-centered body awareness with mindful riding.
- would you like to develop a deeper connection to your own body?

- would you like to learn how to carry that awareness with you into the saddle?

- would you like to learn to be more present when you are       in the saddle and in everyday life?

- would you like to ride with more awareness, balance,             connection and harmony?

DATE:  Friday, August 5, 2016, 9 am  - 5 pm
FORMAT: We'll spend the morning exploring various unmounted awareness practices designed to facilitate deeper connection in our own bodies.  Through movement, we'll learn how muscle, bone and fascia enable or inhibit our ability to experience full range of motion.  

In the afternoon, participants who choose to ride will have the opportunity to transfer their new awareness to the saddle in individual mounted lessons.  T hose who do not ride may still be involved from the ground.   Space is available for a total of ten participants; mounted lessons limited to five riders.  Mounted participants may bring their own horse or borrow a lesson horse.  Some riding experience is helpful but not required -- beginners are welcome.  Experienced riders will discover a deeper sense of connection with the horse.  

Provides participants with the tools to begin cultivating a deeper level of mind/body awareness.  When we have knowledge of our inner landscape,  we are more capable of fostering the human-to-horse relationship.
Explores the many means of establishing contact with the horse, both on the ground and in the saddle, using a full range of our perceptual awareness, including sight, sound, feeling, thoughts, emotions and intuition.
Focuses on establishing equilibrium while managing the power of the horse.  By using awareness and connection to join centers with our equine partners, we find true balance.
Deepens our understanding of how mindfulness practices can enhance our experience of congruence in and out of the saddle.  When we are present, connected and in balance, we can begin to move in harmony with the horse.  This allows us to travel effortlessly together through space while resonating at the same frequency on a molecular level.
Windy Creek Ranch, 10500 N. 49th Street, 
Longmont, CO 80503

Mounted:       $175
Unmounted participant:  $100

Lesson horses available: $20  
Light snacks and beverages provided.
Participants should bring their own lunches.

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