90-minute creative, highly experiential, virtual workshop on Zoom. (No PPT or lecture.) Moving forward - creating and producing with purpose - in volatile times while in a huge level of unknown and uncertainty. Diving into
4 Mind & Heart Opening Concepts using storytelling, improv/theater, visual thinking, reflection, energy-oriented and embodiment practices. $27

Contact me for more details or to register.

In these times, many more people are being moved to take positive action. I t's so important to take care of and ground yourself - taking "your own oxygen" as you discover your ways to support and contribute to others to come from a purposeful, meaningful, centered place. In this session, we'll explore 4 core transformative concepts from the inside out - using various whole-brain practices to experience owning and embodying them...so you can use them for yourself and for those you serve and support beyond the workshop setting.

When: Tuesday, June 30. 1:00-2:30 EST. Link with registration.
Note: Please use a lap top or desk top so you can see everyone and everyone can see you - like in onsite workshops. To ensure participant confidentiality, it will not be recorded. Just needs your full-on presence and participation. Questions? Don't hesitate to call me.

With love,

Michelle James
CEO, The Center for Creative Emergence
Whole-Person (brain, heart, body, soul) Applied Creativity
for Consciously Creating What's Next
The Center for Creative Emergence www.creativeemergence.com