September 23, 2020
Volume 4, Number 3
Being Human Online During COVID-19
Even before COVID-19, there has long been an emphasis on “humanizing online learning,” or pushing back on the criticism of online learning as a solitary, disconnected learning environment. The #HumanizeOL movement emphasizes practices familiar to the Community of Inquiry framework, which consists of social presence, teaching presence, and cognitive presence in online learning (Garrison, Anderson, & Archer, 2000). The bottom line is that online environments can be engaging, humanizing places if they are designed intentionally.

In the context of COVID-19, it is important to also remember that we are humans in front of and apart from screens. While much of our work has always been connected to screens, this pandemic has made almost all of our work facilitated through screens, and we should recognize the toll that can take on ourselves and our students. We lose our sense of time because we have been stripped of our normal routines. The new term “Zoombie” refers to how one feels after being in too many Zoom meetings (see one definition of Zoombie, plus #zoombie in use). These pandemic-related struggles remind us that we have bodies that need to stretch, move, and rest; minds that need to reflect, slow down, prioritize, and orient. Some of this can happen with a screen, but we also need to step away.

In the spirit of attending to human needs, this teaching tip offers questions upon which to reflect.

Questions to Consider
After a relentless semester of moving to remote teaching, we likely need to attend to our own work and wellness to ensure we’re ready to support students. Some of the Your Work and Wellness questions are informed by Beating Pandemic Burnout, whose author has written Agile Faculty and has a contract to write a book on faculty burnout.

Your Work and Wellness
  • What habits and routines ground you during remote work?

  • Do you move in meaningful, restorative ways through exercise or other active means?

  • What boundaries can you set for work realms and rest? What signs have you set for when new or revised boundaries are needed?
  • When do you think your computer should be turned off for the day? When it's time to stop online "checking" (email, social media, task lists)?

  • When do you feel your best, and how can these points be extended, more frequent, or best used?

  • What you might need to put on hold or let go of in light of how life has changed?

  • What most motivates and energizes you?

Students and Teaching
  • Do you encourage student wellness with words and course design? We can remind students in the syllabus that all of the normal supports and resources usually listed in the syllabus are still available to them (counseling, tutoring), and additionally add what is available specific to current struggles, such as additional financial support.

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by Christina Moore, Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning at Oakland University
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  • Feedback Loops w/Dr. Deanna Mascle
Join Dr. Deanna Mascle in exploring the development and implementation of "feedback loops" in your course. Feedback loops bring a class community together as learners and humans, teaching valuable critical thinking practices as well as content. Deanna will share how to build feedback loops into each work cycle so students support and teach each other.
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  • Blackboard 101: Building Your Course
Oct. 12 10-11am; Oct. 20 3-4pm; October 26 5-6pm
  • Blackboard 201: Interaction and Collaboration
Oct. 14 10-11am; Oct. 22 3-4pm; Oct. 28 5-6pm
  • Blackboard 301: Assessing Students
Oct. 16 10-11am; Oct. 23 3-4pm; Oct. 30 5-6pm

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  • Online Teaching Workshop - A comprehensive training workshop about best practice teaching strategies that facilitate online learning.
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