August 28, 2019
Volume 3, Number 1
Getting to Know You:
Six Nouns Exercise
In the first week of my online classes I ask the learners to share information about themselves by identifying 6 nouns that shares a little about themselves. I also share my six!

Here are my 6:
  1. Father – I have two “little people” and they are GREAT! They are not “little people”, that is just the name I use for my children
  2. Husband – I have been married to my lovely, beautiful and radiant wife for 8021 nights (22 Years). I keep track in nights because I don’t want to take her for granted. It also is more romantic than days…days sound like a prison sentence!
  3. Connector – I enjoy meeting people and connecting them with others that have similar interests or goals
  4. Fun – I enjoy laughing and seeing others laugh. I believe in having fun and getting the work done. I juggle (3 balls), make balloon animals and ride a unicycle.
  5. Learner – I love to learn. I try to expand my knowledge on a daily basis. I am also a first-generation college graduate.
  6. Uomo – “ man” in Italian. I am teaching myself Italian. You will see this in the class so be ready.

I ask the learners to respond to two of their classmates’ posts.

This exercise helps build connections, increase comfort with the Blackboard system and opens communications between and among the professor/facilitator and the learners.

by Daryl R. Privott, Foundational & Graduate Studies in Education, Morehead State University
What I Love About Teaching Campaign
Hello Educators,
We are looking for your response to the question "What do you love about teaching?"

While enjoying the summer, take a few moments to share your response by clicking the link below:
Events on Campus
Here are opportunities for students (and maybe you) on campus:

MSU Event:
  • Resume Lab - Wednesday, September 4, 2:15pm to 4pm, Bert Combs Building: Room 302. Your resume is your personal marketing brochure, and a strong one is your ticket to an interview. Drop in and let the professionals in Career Services assist you in constructing a strong resume. Start from scratch or bring a draft in electronic form.

MSU Event  :
  • Annual MSU Art and Design Faculty Reception - Wednesday, September 4, 5-7pm, Golding-Yang Art Gallery, Claypool-Young Art Building. The Exhibition runs from Sept 4 to Oct 18, from 8am to 4pm..

MSU Event  :
  • Resume Blitz -Wednesday, September 11, 10am - 2pm, and Thursday, September 12, 10am - 2pm, ADUC. Receive instant feedback from real employers and career professionals on how to improve your resume. This is a great way to prepare for the October career fair.
Educator Development Opportunities on Campus
Here are opportunities for ED on campus:

O365 Tools:
  • The FCTL in conjunction with the smart folks in Information Technology are planning an Educator Development opportunity to explore O365 Tools and we would like your thoughts on what tools of the O365 Suite we should explore. O365 contains many tools and here are a few: OneDrive, OneNote, Microsoft Teams, Excel, Word and Powerpoint. Let us know your top two choices from this list by clicking the email link
2019 Tri-State Conference on
Diversity & Inclusion

The Conference will be held September 27, 2019 at Morehead State University and is being chaired by staff in the Office of the President and Communications and Marketing. The 2019 conference theme is Equity in Education: Erasing Opportunity Gaps.  All workshops will be centered on the central theme of diversity and inclusion with a focus on achievement gaps for marginalized student populations. Information on past workshops can be found at
Sponsoring Institutions
Ashland Community & Technical College
Marshall University
Marshall University School of Pharmacy
Ohio University-Southern
Morehead State University
Morehead State University-Ashland
Mountwest Community & Technical College
Shawnee State University
University of RIO Grande
Leadership in Higher Education Conference
October 3-5, St. Louis

A Leadership Conference that Gives You More!
Seven Unique Conference Tracks:
  • Academic Leadership and Professional Development
  • Administrative Leadership and Professional Development
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Program and Department Evaluation and Assessment
  • Faculty Hiring, Development, and Assessment
  • Institutional Culture and Climate
  • Special Topics in Academic Leadership

Scaled for networking and reflection, this conference provides multiple opportunities to meet with other like-minded peers. 

The Leadership in Higher Education Conference limits registrations to a manageable size to support a collaborative gathering of higher education professionals. We’ll examine trends, strategies, and best practices over two and a half impactful days.

Budgets are scarce. That’s why this year, we’ve reduced our registration fee by $200. Still the same great conference—at an even better value!

For more information, click here .
Magna (Online) Webinars
24/7 Professional Development for Faculty
Featured Webinars:

How Do I Build Community in My Classroom?
Community is an essential ingredient in the educational experience. Studies show that community building can increase retention, improve students’ cognitive intellectual development, and promote contributions to society. This webinar explores:
  • How to build community in our classrooms.
  • The power and outcomes of community.
  • The challenges of building community.

How Can I Earn Swift Trust in My Online Classes?
Discover how the core elements of creating trust can be accomplished in an online course setting including:
  • Communicating fully and openly.
  • Delivering on promises.
  • Building confidence in students.
  • Recognizing student concerns. 

Accessing Webinars:

These licensed Magna resources are available through a password-protected website. For access, faculty need to:
  • Log into MSU’s employee portal;
  • Look under the My Classes (Blackboard) section for the Magna Training Site;
  • If Magna isn't showing up in your list of courses, please send a request to be added to
  • When you click on the Magna Training Site, the Blackboard shell will open. Please note, you will be asked to submit a "Terms of Use" agreement before viewing any webinars.

Benefits of Magna Webinars:

I understand that you have a lot on your plate, so let me give you a few reasons why you should consider trying a Magna webinar:
  • Each webinar takes approximately 20 minutes to complete.
  • All webinars are available on your schedule since they are online and easily accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Webinars include supplemental materials such as bibliographies and handouts.
  • Certificates of completion are available for professional portfolios and Faculty 180.
Ambassadors for Excellence in Teaching
Morehead State University