September 11, 2019
Volume 3, Number 2
Growth Mindset as a Key to Student Motivation
Growth mindset is the belief that an individual can "grow" their intelligence and skills, through sustained effort. Students with a “fixed” mindset believe that they are born with a certain amount of intelligence and that it cannot be increased, despite their efforts. It’s easy to see how a student with a fixed mindset would be more inclined to give up when struggling with a topic in school. By contrast, students with a growth mindset are more inclined to embrace challenges, knowing that sustained effort is an opportunity to develop mastery over a subject.

Numerous studies have shown that students’ beliefs about intelligence can have dramatic consequences for how they experience school and how they respond to setbacks and challenges. The effects are especially pronounced among at-risk students; teaching them about growth mindset yields dramatic improvements in retention, graduation rate, GPA, and other success indicators (Claro et al., 2016; Paunesku et al., 2015; Yeager et al., 2014; Yeager et al., 2016).

One way faculty can help students develop a growth mindset is by empowering them to develop — or to realize they already have — effective strategies for learning. The Strategy Box , developed by the National Mentoring Partnership, is a deceptively simple activity that can help students identify strategies they have used previously to learn new skills, and see which ones might be applicable to a new challenge.

Here’s how it works:
  1. On a blank sheet of paper, draw a 2 x 2 box, leaving plenty of space to write.
  2. In the first three squares, write down a challenging situation that you may have struggled with initially, but ultimately navigated successfully. Then note down the most important strategies, steps, or beliefs you used that were particularly effective.
  3. In the fourth square, write down a current challenge. Go back to the first three squares and review the strategies. Add the strategies that you think might be effective in the new situation to the fourth box.

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by Francine Glazer, Associate Provost for Education & Innovation, and Director for the Center for Teaching & Learning, New York Institute of Technology
What I Love About Teaching Campaign
Hello Educators,
We are looking for your response to the question "What do you love about teaching?"

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Events on Campus
Here are opportunities for students (and maybe you) on campus:

MSU Event  :
  • Resume Blitz -TODAY, September 11, 10am - 2pm, and Thursday, September 12, 10am - 2pm, ADUC. Receive instant feedback from real employers and career professionals on how to improve your resume. This is a great way to prepare for the October career fair.

MSU Event:
  • Internship Basics Workshop - Tuesday, September 24, 3:30pm to 4:30pm, Camden-Carroll Library: Room 201. Learn the basics of internships and co-ops: Why should you get one? Where do you begin searching? How do you receive academic credit for your work? Attend this workshop to learn all of this and much more.

MSU Event  :
  • Career Fair - Tuesday, October 1, 10am to 1pm, ADUC Ballrooms. Don't miss the opportunity to connect with more than 80 employers and graduate schools. In addition to full-time candidates, many organizations are seeking students for internships/co-ops and part-time positions. Free professional headshots available. Dress professionally. Bring resumes, Be prepared to introduce yourself. See who's coming with the free "Career Fair Plus" app.
Call for Proposals
(Due: September 13th)
KOSS (Kentucky Organization for Student Success) Conference, October 24-25, 2019, at the Historic Boone Tavern Hotel in Berea. For more information, checkout their FaceBook page:
12th Annual Conference on

Higher Education Pedagogy

 February 5-7, 2020  

Virginia Tech /   Blacksburg, Virginia, USA   

Proposals are due by Sunday, September 15, 2019 at Midnight (EST). 
Proposals are sought for sessions focused on effective instructional practices and research aimed at improving the quality of teaching and learning in higher education. Four types of conference sessions are offered: Practice Sessions, Research Sessions, Conversation Sessions, and Poster Sessions.
For more information about proposal types visit our website at

Registration will open in October. For information about conference registration and associated fees, visit the conference website:
2019 Tri-State Conference on
Diversity & Inclusion

The Conference will be held September 27, 2019 at Morehead State University and is being chaired by staff in the Office of the President and Communications and Marketing. The 2019 conference theme is Equity in Education: Erasing Opportunity Gaps.  All workshops will be centered on the central theme of diversity and inclusion with a focus on achievement gaps for marginalized student populations. Information on past workshops can be found at
Sponsoring Institutions
Ashland Community & Technical College
Marshall University
Marshall University School of Pharmacy
Ohio University-Southern
Morehead State University
Morehead State University-Ashland
Mountwest Community & Technical College
Shawnee State University
University of RIO Grande
Leadership in Higher Education Conference
October 3-5, St. Louis

A Leadership Conference that Gives You More!
Seven Unique Conference Tracks:
  • Academic Leadership and Professional Development
  • Administrative Leadership and Professional Development
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Program and Department Evaluation and Assessment
  • Faculty Hiring, Development, and Assessment
  • Institutional Culture and Climate
  • Special Topics in Academic Leadership

Scaled for networking and reflection, this conference provides multiple opportunities to meet with other like-minded peers. 

The Leadership in Higher Education Conference limits registrations to a manageable size to support a collaborative gathering of higher education professionals. We’ll examine trends, strategies, and best practices over two and a half impactful days.

Budgets are scarce. That’s why this year, we’ve reduced our registration fee by $200. Still the same great conference—at an even better value!

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19th Annual Posters-at-the-Capitol
March 5th, Frankfort
Submission Due: Friday, October 11 by 3pm

(Click the “Submit to Posters-at-the Capitol" link on the left - You must create an account to register)
The Deadline for online registration/submission is Friday, October 11, 2019 by 3:00 PM CST/4:00 PM EST
(No registrations/submissions will be considered after this date)
Participants click Poster Presentations: Conceptualizing, Construction and Critiquing for general advice on preparing a research poster.
Posters-at-the-Capitol , an event hosted collaboratively by Eastern Kentucky University, Kentucky Community and Technical College System, Kentucky State University, Morehead State University, Murray State University, Northern Kentucky University, University of Kentucky, University of Louisville, and Western Kentucky University, is intended to help members of Kentucky’s legislature and the Governor better understand the importance of involving undergraduates in research, scholarly, and creative work. It provides undergraduates with the opportunity to engage in scholarship, research, and creative work that is important to their educational experience and professional development. We encourage faculty to have their students participate in Posters-at-the-Capitol to help those in Kentucky who fund higher education understand why these experiences are so important. 
For further info and questions concerning registration and submission DO NOT REPLY to this email. Contact:
Mr. A.J. Boston
Posters-at-the Capitol Coordinator
Please copy:

Mr. Evan Prellberg
Coordinator of Undergraduate Research
Morehead State University
Dr. Michael Henson
Associate Provost for Research & Dean of the Graduate School
Morehead State University
Magna (Online) Webinars
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Featured Webinars:

How Can I Capture Students' Interest in the First 5 Minutes?
Teaching and learning depend on building and sustaining students' interest from the first to the last day of class. This webinar focuses on strong course openings to get it all started including:
  • Drafting a statement to draw students into the subject matter.
  • Making the most of that first meeting with students.

How Can I Create an Online Service Learning Project?
Discover ways to integrate a service learning component into online classes to:
  • Raise awareness about class-related topics.
  • Learn about different types of communities.
  • Get the community involved.
  • Implement calls to action that generate results. 

Accessing Webinars:

These licensed Magna resources are available through a password-protected website. For access, faculty need to:
  • Log into MSU’s employee portal;
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Benefits of Magna Webinars:

I understand that you have a lot on your plate, so let me give you a few reasons why you should consider trying a Magna webinar:
  • Each webinar takes approximately 20 minutes to complete.
  • All webinars are available on your schedule since they are online and easily accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
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  • Certificates of completion are available for professional portfolios and Faculty 180.
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